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You Called Me

By Allen F. Weitzel   We work in a grand industry.  We sell fun to others and then watch them enjoy themselves.  Others are often envious of our occupation.  Who wouldn’t be?   For that reason, many amusement industry pros...

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They Are Watching You

By Allen F. Weitzel Do you have an employee departure program?   Employees leave jobs for many reasons and in many ways.  To that end, I suggest that entertainment venues apply as much energy into establishing a...

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Let’em Talk

By Allen F. Weitzel Ah, communication. Important?  Yes. Needing improvement? Almost always! Why Poor communication most commonly occurs when the speaker is not a clear, brisk, accurate speaker and the impatient listener begins...

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Who’s Job Is It?

Who’s Job Is It? By Allen F. Weitzel As I was wrapping up my ‘Don’t Look At Me’ blog on the subject of knowing your job and doing your job, the Theme Park and Attractions discussion group posted dialog about increasing in-park...

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Don’t Look at Me!

By Allen F. Weitzel   Throwing caution to the wind, I might ruffle a few feathers, this time around.  We are having a severe drought here in California.  Even though our family has always been careful with water, we have...

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