January 2019

The Large Park Report  
Where Festive Fun Is a Perfect Fit – Festivals at Theme Parks 
In this issue’s Large Park Report, Contributing Writer Chad Emerson focuses on several of the most anticipated new and expanded festivals for the large park industry in 2019.

The Inside Story on Fresh Air and Clean Water – Maintaining Quality Conditions at Indoor Waterparks 
This article looks at some of the challenges indoor waterparks face to maintain safe conditions.

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping Flotation Devices Safe and Clean 

Waterpark Safety – The Picture for Parks 
How parks address everything from slips and falls to mechanical/electrical failures and other safety issues.

Bonus Sidebar: Preventing Rough Landings at the End of Water Rides 

Carnival Report 
Trends at Fairs, Festivals and Carnivals
The simple fun of fairs, festivals and carnivals is still appreciated, but fairgoers’ expectations have risen in all kinds of subtle ways too.

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top-Earning Portable Midway Games? 

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Ride Safety Tips?  

The Buzz Boyz 
2018 IAAPA, the Fourth Quarter 2018 and the Outlook for 2019
The Buzz Boyz discuss important topics of the moment.   

Bonus Sidebar: History Notes

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
Bowling Centers: Finding the Best Insurance
Bowling center officials discuss the challenges of finding great coverage.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating 
Doing Business Differently – Most Unique Special Events to Host at a Center 
For this article, roller skating center management discussed the most unique events they have held.

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag
Keeping the Fun Fresh – Perspectives on Laser Tag Equipment 

Entertainment Center Report · Location and Vendor Profile 
Loveland Laser Tag in Loveland, Colo. 

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks 
A Look Forward – A New Year’s Report on Trends and the Status of the Industry 
Trampoline parks are also offering everything from ninja courses to climbing walls.

Bonus Sidebar: Younger or Older Jumpers – Which Age Groups Are Seeking Out Trampoline Parks More and Why?  

Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Karts 

Serious Staff Training in Play – Perspectives from Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers 
Venue owners, operators, and managers utilize different training methods to attract, retain, and grow their workforce. 

Bonus Sidebar: When People Seek More Pay – Handling Raise Requests 

Entertainment Center Report · AAMA FEC Corner 
A Place for the Best Games – How Arcades Stay Interesting and Fun 
With technology always advancing, entertainment centers continually keep an eye on their equipment.

Bonus Sidebar: A Place for Profits – Putting Arcade Games in the Best Spots 

F2FEC Coverage
IMAGINE: What’s Next at F2FEC 2019
Preview information about the next Face to Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC), which will take place in March.

Entertainment Center Report · Virtual Reality 
The Time Has Come for Virtual Reality at Dave & Buster’s
The story of virtual reality (VR) and Dave & Buster’s.

Entertainment Center Report · Location Profile
A profile of Tropical Breeze in Cape Coral, Fla.

Entertainment Center Report · Location Profile
A Look at Molten Mountain in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Street Beat 
Machine Surface Maintenance and Cleaning – Best Cleaning Products and Machines 
A look at machine cleaning and maintenance for amusement and vending machine operators.

Food Service Spotlight 
Best Concession Foods – The Savory and the Sweet, Plus New Food Innovations 
For this article, concession food specialists discussed their best-selling savory and sweet foods. 

Bonus Sidebar: The Most Popular Soft Serve Flavors and Toppings

Museum Feature  
Getting at the Roots of Learning – How Museums Promote STEM Education 
A discussion of how museums are promoting programs that allow children to directly experience the world around them.

Bonus Sidebar: How Indoor Play Equipment Promotes STEM Education 

Special Insurance Spotlight 
Keeping Claims Down and the Bouncers Up – Insurance Advice for Amusement Rental and Inflatable Rental Companies 
For this article, staff members and owners offered their take on how to satisfy safety needs.

Getting the Details on Insurance – Prevention, Claims, the Role of An Agent and More
For this article, Tourist Attractions & Parks (TAP) spoke with three amusement industry insurance veterans about prevention, claims, the role of an agent, and more.

Haunted Attractions  
Haunt Report: What Will Be New in 2019 
For this article, haunt operators discussed the upcoming 2019 season. 

A Look at Food and Drink at Haunts

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