February/March 2019

The Large Park Report
A Ticket to Profitability: Large Park Ticketing Strategies
Large Park Contributing Writer Chad Emerson examines ticketing programs in this article.

Extreme Rides, Lazy Rivers and Spray Parks – Which Waterpark Attractions Are Trending for 2019
Waterparks offer a variety of attractions, and this article looks at the diversions that guests frequent the most.

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Bowling
Bowling Center Customer Satisfaction Tips – How Do You Give Customers What They Want?
For this article, four bowling centers in different parts of the country shared their top tips on giving customers great experiences.
Bonus Sidebar: Is the Customer Always Right? What if a Staff Member Feels Threatened?

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Laser Tag
Making Big Buys Better – Views on Purchasing New Equipment
The common traits center owners look for when purchasing laser tag equipment.

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Trampoline Parks
Ensuring Good Jumping Policies – Finding the Best Trampoline Park Insurance
For this article, venue staff explained what they look for when it comes to insurance coverage.

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Industry Vendor Spotlight
A look at Expert Hosiery.

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Mini-Golf and Go-Karts Staffing Solutions – Top Tips to Find Qualified Employees
Entertainment center owners and managers weighed in on their staffing processes for this special report.

Bonus Sidebar: A Look at Word-of-Mouth Hiring

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Spotlight on Facility Management
Roller Skating Center Perspectives – How Is the Current Economy, Health Care Costs and Tax Regulations Impacting Your Business?
A look at some of the factors that concern entertainment center owners.
Spotlight on Laser Tag Center Owners/General Managers – How Do You Balance Your Business Responsibilities with Your https://www.woolcool.com/valtrex-online/ Personal Life?
Entertainment center owners and managers discuss balancing work and personal time.
Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Handle Requests for Time Off From Your Staff?

Most Popular Coin-Op Games at Bowling, Roller Skating, Laser Tag, Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers
Coin-op games are an appealing attraction, and a profitable one, according to the individuals interviews for this article.

Street Beat
Better in Bulk – Trends in Bulk Vending Machines
The article discusses the changing bulk vending industry.
Bonus Sidebar: Candy or Toys? Which Types of Prizes Generate the Most Interest?
The Operators’ Choices – Coin-Operated Game Favorites
Why popular coin-op games please patrons.
Bonus Sidebar: Is Pool Still a Profit Center, Why or Why Not?

Food Service Spotlight
When Guests Get Voracious During Their Visit – Food Trends at Museums
How some museums are profiting from offering higher-end food.
Bonus Sidebar: Museums Tout Best-Selling Alcoholic Beverages

Haunted Attractions and Escape Rooms
Themes for 2019 at Haunts and Escape Rooms
The themes that are pleasing patrons at haunt and escape rooms.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Keep Escape Rooms Fresh

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