January 2018


2018 Large Parks and Resorts Preview 
A preview of what is new at several parks around the country
for 2018.

The Large Park Report · Vendor Profile 
Garner Holt Productions – Always Looking for the Next “Cool” Project
Contributing Writer Susan Mease interviewed Garner Holt, the founder and president of Garner Holt Productions, for an illuminating look at his innovative company.

A Question-and-Answer Interview with Joe Eck
For this article, Contributing Writer Hilary Danailova interviewed a general manager at Wilderness Resorts. 

Fairs, Festivals and Carnivals
The Fun Is at the Fair – Trends in Carnival Rides
This story found that from carousels to bumper cars, traditional rides remain the top draws for nostalgic carnival-goers.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Tip to Avoid Ride Accidents

Carnival Midway Games – What’s Popular and What’s New
Insights from game concession operators.

The Buzz Boyz
Reflecting on the Shows in a New Year
Industry experts Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky’s regular column reports on recent shows.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
Offering the Best Food at Bowling Centers
Many bowling centers offer a variety of food for their patrons.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating 
Special Times at the Rink – How Roller Skating Centers Promote Special Occasions 
How roller skating centers promote special occasions and holiday events.

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag
Getting the Laser Tag Party Started – Promotions to Encourage Repeat Visitation  
A look at how laser tag arenas and family entertainment centers encourage repeat visitation.

Entertainment Center Report · Zip Lines  
Safe and Sailing – The Picture on Popular Zip Lines 
Ziplining is a must-accomplish experience for many adventure-seekers, and zipline tour operators are benefiting from that fact.

Entertainment Center Report · Go-Kart Vendor Spotlight
The Future of Electric Go-Karts Is Here
A look at getting the most out of your electric go-kart track with an article from Amusement Products, LLC.

Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf Perspectives 
The Chuckster’s Story
How a custom apparel business owner found success in the miniature-golf industry.

Staking a Claim for Safety – Insurance at FECs
For this article, FEC officials discussed their safety and insurance challenges.

Special Insurance Spotlight · Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers 
Do You Know Enough About Your Insurance? – How Go-kart and Mini-Golf Venues Get it Right Insights on the insurance portion of running go-kart and miniature golf businesses.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Winning Tips for Lowering Liability Insurance 

Special Insurance Spotlight · Haunted Attractions
Ensuring the Scares Stay Safe – The Insurance Picture for Haunted Attractions 
The special insurance considerations faced by haunted attractions.

Special Insurance Spotlight · Vendor Perspective
How You Run Your Business Is Your Decision
This article was provided by Cossio Insurance.

F2FEC Section 
F2FEC  SOUL: Broaden Your Perspective at the Broadmoor
A look at the 2018 F2FEC conference.

F2FEC 2018 Preview: An Amigos Round Table
An interesting question-and-answer discussion with the hosts of the F2FEC event.

Facility Lending Vendor Feature
New Stardust Lanes Is A Creative Partnership Between Gary Richards and His Banker 
Bowling entertainment center Owner Gary Richards discusses his business through the years. 

Bonus Sidebar: News on the F2FEC Keynote Speaker 

Street Beat 
Trends in Coin-Op and Redemption Games 
A look at industry trends in coin-op games.

The 2018 Redemption and Video Game Outlook 
This article features interviews with coin-op operators who give their perspectives regarding the industry.

Food Service Spotlight · Special Fair and Festival Edition
Keeping Fair and Festival Food Concessions Spotless and in Great Working Order 
For concessionaires, serving up food successfully means keeping their concessions spotless and in great working order. 

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping the Confection Clean – Steps to Sanitize a Cotton Candy Machine

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