January 2016

The Large Park Report 

Where the Fun Flows Freely – Dining and Alcohol Options at Large Parks 
The Large Park Report looks at an interesting new trend in the large park and resort world, the addition and expansion of high end food and beverage experiences.


Waterpark Trends – Keeping Guests Safe and Entertained
Trends within the waterpark industry that include offering additional entertainment options are playing out at parks across the country, while enhanced safety measures remain a top priority.

Fairs and Carnivals

Fast Thrills and Fun Times – Fair and Carnival Rides and Portable Games
The traditional carnival experience is still a staple for Americans, and many of the most popular rides and games are the ones that evoke memories of years gone by.

Bonus Sidebar: Full Pass or Per-Ride Tickets –Which Are Best?

Fairs and Carnivals: The Latest in Fun Foods
Whether the latest headline-grabbing novelty dish or tried-and-true food staples, eating is always a big part of the fun at fairs.

The Buzz Boyz – 100 Years of Industry Experience and Plenty to ‘Buzz’ About

Observations from the 2015 IAAPA Attractions Expo, Plus Trends and the 2016 Outlook
A new feature on current industry trends from experts Frank Seninsky and Scott Borowsky.

Entertainment Center Report

Trends Report – Taking the Pulse of the Family Entertainment Center Industry
It’s the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to talk to some of the leaders of the FEC industry about how they see the future of the industry and if there are any areas that have them on alert.  All of the people interviewed for this article attended the first Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) and will be going to the next one in San Diego in February.

Bonus Sidebar: The F2FEC Conference – 10X Better

Appealing to Millennials at Work and Play – Millennials as Customers and Employees
A look at family entertainment center customers and employees born between 1981 and 1997.

Bonus Sidebar: A Warm Welcome – Top Tips for Creating a Hospitable Workplace for the Generations

Actively Engaged: An Interview with Oliver “O. Lee” Mincey
An interview with Management Consultant Oliver “O. Lee” Mincey.
Mincey is a presenter for the Face to Face Entertainment Conference.

Experience 10X Better at F2FEC
Family entertainment visionaries, leaders and innovators will gather for the second annual Face to Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) in February.


Flipping a Switch for Guest Satisfaction – The Lighting Picture at Bowling Centers
Some bowling centers stick with tried and true lighting options, while others go all out for lighting effects.

Mini-Golf and Go-Karts

Insurance Trends – Insights from Family Entertainment Centers
Insurance tips from mini-golf and go-kart operators
The Industry Commemorates 100 Year of Miniature Golf
Adventure Golf Services (AGS) is reaching out to all mini golf industry suppliers to share in the 100 year anniversary of miniature golf in the United States.

Laser Tag

A Laser Focus on Fun – Creating the Best Parties at Laser Tag Centers
Laser Tag parties are great fun for birthday celebrations. But in a crowded field of available laser tag venues, what are the elements that create the best parties?

Bonus Sidebar: Taking Party Staff from Pretty Good to Great

Roller Skating

With What Size Staff Should Your Center Roll? – Roller Skating Management Strategies
It’s a common question: Is it better to have a lot of people working a
shift or to operate with a lean crew? Both options have benefits and drawbacks.

Street Beat

Entertaining Trends – Tickets, Tokens and Swipe Cards at Entertainment Centers
A look at tickets and swipe cards, and how entertainment
centers manage prizes.

Bonus Sidebar: Do Kids Still Like Tickets?

Museum Perspectives

The Highs and the Lows – The Best Low-Tech and High-Tech Museum Experiences
Here are the best high-tech and low-tech exhibits at several museums around the country, and tips on how these museums draw visitors to new experiences.

Food Service Spotlight

Fun Foods and Soft Serve Trends – The Snack Hits at Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Zoos and Aquariums

What is hot when it comes to fun foods?

Bonus Sidebar: Soft-Serve or Hand-Dipped: The Ice Cream Pros and Cons

Insurance Report

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

Getting the Best Bounce from Insurance: Trends and Issues
A report on insurance in the amusement rental and inflatables

Haunted Attractions

Tips to Stay Properly Insured and the Most Important Insurance Coverage
Haunted attractions are in the business of scaring people, and with
that can come a lot of liabilities. That’s why it’s so important to stay properly insured.

Insurance Report

Safe Landings: Insurance and Trampoline Parks
It is an exciting time for the trampoline industry, but rapid growth is
not without challenges – especially for insurance providers tasked
with helping create accessible, fun, and safe accommodations at
these facilities.

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