September/October 2015

The Large Park Report 

 How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Theme Park Experience
The Large Park Report examines several of the leading versions of wait time software and how even this technology could change in the future as theme parks seek to improve the guest experience by reducing wait times and promoting direct interaction with their guests.


Hot Waterpark Attractions  – Trends That Made a Splash in 2015
What were the most popular attractions at waterparks this year, and what are the priorities for future additions?

Bonus Sidebar: Teens Top Picks – The Most Popular Rides

Creating a Tiptop Waterpark – Maintenance and Staff Training Tips
Managers at water parks are constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance and staff training practices. This article contains tips to meet these ends from the experts.

Bonus Sidebar: Guarding the Guardians – Five Tips to Keep Lifeguards Sharp

Attraction Profile 

A High-Tech Renovation – Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
How a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., entertainment center went from struggling to successful.

Bonus Sidebar: Taking It to the Streets – Street Artists Provide Murals at Xtreme Action Park

Entertainment Center Report

How to Throw a Safety Strike – Tips on Choosing Bowling Insurance and Preventing Claims
As a business owner, you need to protect your investment, and great insurance coverage is an important part of the safe operating practices picture.

Entertainment Center Report

Entertainment Centers with Laser Tag: Money-Saving Maintenance Ideas
Laser tag involves components that can become maintenance headaches for entertainment centers. With this in mind, this article offers practical tips to care for equipment and more.

Bonus Sidebar: Best Bets for Clean Counters and Snack Bar Tables

Mini-Golf and Go-Karts – Safety with a Smile – Staff Training Strategies
At miniature golf and go-kart facilities, staff training strategies vary depending on the size and type of the attraction, but one tip emerges as paramount: safety must be maintained with a smile.

Parent-Approved Fun – How Roller Skating Venues Are Appealing to Families
How skating centers are reaching out to the whole family to entertain everyone.

Bonus Sidebar: Marketing to Parents-Five Great Ideas

Bonus Sidebar: Parental Guidance – An Interview with Wendy Harrington, marketing sales manager, Palace Pointe, Roxoboro, N.C.

Street Beat

The Serious Business of Arcade Play – Tips to Elevate Profits
Here are tips from entertainment centers throughout the country for increasing arcade traffic and profits.

Bonus Sidebar: Boosting Business at the Arcade

Bulk Vending and Redemption Machines – Advice to Earn More Coin
Earning more from bulk vending and redemption machines takes careful positioning, great products and savvy knowledge of the demographic.

Bonus Sidebar: What Are the Winners? A List of Top Prizes

Food Service Spotlight

Whetting Guests’ Appetites – How to Increase Food Sales at Waterparks
How waterparks are adding to the fun with creative menu choices.

Hot Trends and Hot Dogs – The Food Service Game Plan at Arenas and Stadiums
Food venues at arenas and stadiums across the country are playing
ball with new and different menu choices along with the still-favorite hot dog.

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums

Zoo, Aquarium and Museum Design Trends – Engaging the Public with Exhibits that Shine
A look at the exhibit picture at zoos, aquariums and museums around the country.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

Slip Sliding Toward Fun – Trends in Inflatables with Water Elements
Inflatables with water elements can be hugely profitable for party rental operators when operated safely and responsibly.

Bonus Sidebar: Inflatables with Water – Tips for Safe Splashing

Haunted Attractions

New Twists on Classic Creepiness – How Haunts Keep the Characters and Scares Fresh
In this article, owners and managers at haunted attractions across the country revealed some of their secrets for keeping classic characters exciting, and most importantly, frightening, year after year

Bonus Sidebar: Zombies – Startling Guests with the Undead

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