June 2015

The Large Park Report 

The VIP Treatment
How parks are offering exclusive, and expensive, guest experiences.


Something for Small Fries – Splashparks Hit a Target Demographic for Waterparks
Splashparks, or interactive play areas, are often primarily directed at children, but that doesn’t mean that adults don’t appreciate them as well. In this article, waterpark staff members explain the appeal of these attractions.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling

Bowling and Family Entertainment Centers – Rolling Toward Increased Profits
Two family entertainment centers, HeyDay and Fiesta Fun Center, scored strikes when they recently made bowling part of their mix of attractions.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling and Laser Tag

Tips for Throwing the Best Bashes – Bowling and Laser Tag Center Party Strategies
Throwing a great birthday party doesn’t only involve making sure the kids are happy – it also involves helping the parents and other adults relax and have a good time. This article contains tips from locations for birthday party success.

Entertainment Centers · Trampoline Parks

The Sky’s the Limit for Growing Trampoline Parks
Over the last 10 years, trampoline parks have been opening all over the United States, and the industry continues to grow rapidly, even expanding internationally.

 Top Safety Tips

Trampoline Industry Update

High Growth Is Expected for the Trampoline Industry
The indoor trampoline park industry is literally hopping, and as a result the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) is poised to grow quickly. As an international organization, the IATP provides resources to pursue common interests, create new member services and influence the future direction of the industry.

Entertainment Center Report · Go-Karts

A Winning Racing Streak – Pole Position Raceway Offers High-End Experiences
Pole Position Raceway, based in Jersey City, N.J., is taking go-kart racing to new heights. The president and co-owner said the locations offer a high-end experience with safety, authenticity and exhilaration all part of the package.

Entertainment Center Report · Vendor Perspective

Adding Mini Golf Can Rejuvenate Your Business
This article by Harris Miniature Golf President Rich Lahey explores how mini golf can attract more customers to your business and breathe new life into your bottom line.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating

Rolling Out a Fresh Look – Tips for Affordable Upgrades at Roller Skating Rinks
While the interiors of some roller rinks are infused with nostalgic charm, most customers don’t want to be greeted with outdated décor. If the budget doesn’t allow for a total revamp, what are the most effective, affordable ways a roller rink can boost its image and draw new feet to the skate floor?

Five Perspectives: What Is the Most Important Area to Keep Updated?

Entertainment Centers · Bumper Cars

A Smashing Success, Here and Abroad – The Bumper Car Industry
The still-simple fun of modern, sleek bumper cars can mean success for entertainment businesses both in the United States and internationally.

Company Spotlight

Lights, Camera, Action! – The Story behind Coming Attraction Theatres
The story of John Schweiger’s Coming Attraction Theatres.

Five Fast Facts

Street Beat

Redemption Report Plus New Games
A look at the hottest trends in redemption and games.

Food Service Spotlight · Museum Food

The Art of Cooking – Best-Selling Menu Items at Museum Restaurants and Cafes
Museums around the country discuss what is on the menu at their cafés and restaurants.

Food Service Spotlight · Franchise Development

Getting a Franchise Up and Running
A look at the food franchise development process.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

Best Bets for Successful Blowouts – Trends in Party Inflatables
Inflatables can add something extra to a party or event that can leave a lasting impression on customers, which can translate to referral business for rental companies.

How Adults Are Catching Air – Best Inflatables for Grownups

Haunted Attractions

Makeup, Masks and Motors – Finding the Right Mix of Actors and Animatronics
The season for most haunted attractions is fleeting but the creative minds behind them are seldom at rest. Determining the right mix of animatronics and live actors usually factors heavily into the equation.

Top Tips from the Costume Cleanup Crew

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