November 2020

The Large Park Report
A Focus on Promotions and Marketing – How Large Parks Are Strategizing for the Times
In this issue’s Large Park Report, Contributor Chad Emerson examines several promotional and marketing strategies that large parks are implementing.
Playing it Safe – How Waterparks Keep Guests and Staff from Harm 
For this article, officials at five parks discussed how they keep guests and staff members safe during a pandemic.
A Tourist Attractions & Parks Special Report
Diversity in the Amusement Industry: Part 1
Part 1 of an examination of the contributions of people of color in the amusement business by industry expert Kevin Williams.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Bowling
Getting Opening Right – Operational Strategies from Bowling Centers
How Sparta Lanes in Sparta, N.J., is doing all it can with regards to cleanliness and safety.
Bonus Sidebar: A Question to Centers – What’s in the Future?
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Laser Tag
A Laser Focus on Fun – Operational Tips for Laser Tag Attractions
Facility officials interviewed for this article discussed how to safely operate laser tag games in the midst of a pandemic.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Trampoline Parks
The Changing Trampoline Park Landscape
Despite safety concerns, jumping at trampoline parks is still a sought-after activity.
Bonus Sidebar: Design Tips to Keep Patrons Jumping at Trampoline Parks
How iJump Idaho in Idaho Falls, Idaho, sticks the landing almost every time with the help of its design.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Strategies for Today – Moving Ahead in Changing Times
For this article, staff and owners at five go-kart and mini-golf facilities explained how they are responding to the pandemic and described how their businesses are faring.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Roller Skating
Surviving the Shutdowns – Business Trends for Roller Skating Centers
Reflections on the state of business and reopening strategies from officials at five roller skating centers.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Staff Training Tips?
Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Create a Fun Environment While Staying Safe?

Fresh Finds for Fun – What’s New at Arcades at FECs?
For this article, officials at five family entertainment facilities discussed what is new for arcades.
Bonus Sidebar: Do You Allow Food in the Arcade Area? Why or Why Not?
Street Beat
Maintaining Machines – Tips for Keeping Coin-Op Devices Looking and Working Like New
For this article, coin-op machine owners and technicians discussed their top tips to keep their machines working and running like new.
Stories from the Street – Amusement Games During a Pandemic
What earns best for game and amusement operators in today’s pandemic-affected world?
Food Service Spotlight
Dealing with the Differences in Dining – Bringing Food Back to the Zoo Experience
The facilities may make it look easy, but reconfiguring the zoo dining experience around the COVID pandemic has taken a lot of work.
Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
Tips for the Times – Planning the Perfect Special Event
A look at trends in the amusement rental business.
Bonus Sidebar: Will Customers Want to Say “Hi” Outside? – Social Distancing and Outdoor Events
Escape Rooms
The Bar and Food Picture at Escape Rooms
For this article, escape room owners and staff members offered their opinions on food and their facilities.

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