March 2021

The Large Park Report
A Look at Large Park New Rides and Attractions 2021
A look at new attractions at seven large parks during what has been
a complicated operational year.
Special Amusement Park Feature
Downtime Maintenance and Changes – A Status Report from
Two Amusement Parks

Attractions in Portland, Ore., and Tannersville, Pa., are using their
down-time especially thoroughly in terms of maintenance and upgrades.
Waterparks Make Plans for a New Year
How the pandemic has influenced plans for the 2021 season at a selection of waterparks.
A Tourist Attractions & Parks Special Report
Diversity in the Amusement Industry: Part 2
Part 2 of an examination of the contributions of people of color in the amusement business by industry expert Kevin Williams.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Bowling
Rolling Out a New Operational Strategy – Staying Safe and the Status of Business at Bowling Centers
Masks, gloves, sanitizer, and social distancing: These are the new norms at bowling centers around the United States.
Bonus Sidebar: What Changes That You Made In Response to the Pandemic Will Become Permanent?
Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Mini-Golf and Go-Karts – Tops Tips to Get the Word Out About Your Center
How three entertainment centers are getting the word out to the community during these pandemic times.
Bonus Sidebar: What Changes Have You Made During the Pandemic that Will Permanent?
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Laser Tag
Zapping Grime – Strategies to Keep Laser Tag Arenas Clean
For this article, TAP’s Contributor asked officials at five laser tag facilities for their tips on cleaning routines, both before, and in light of, the pandemic.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Biggest Cleaning Headache
and Why?

Entertainment Center Report ∙ Trampoline Parks
Staying Cautious While Staying Open – A Status Report of the Trampoline Park Business
For this article, four trampoline parks offered their perspectives on operating during the pandemic.
The Best-Run FEC Arcades – Tips from the Experts
For this article, staff and owners shared their tips to keep arcades earning well, and to enhance their appeal to a full range of ages, too.
Street Beat
Getting Customers Spending and Playing – Tips to Stock Prize Machines and Redemption Stores
This article contain advice on how to get the kids at your center excited to play for a chance to win.
Food Service Spotlight
What’s Cooking at Amusement Parks – The Food Service Picture at Five Parks
Eating is an important part of the fun at amusement parks, and according to this article, the 2021 food experience will be shaped by the pandemic.
Escape Rooms
Escaping the Everyday – The Changing Escape Room Business
It’s a brave new world for escape rooms, with new approaches and new challenges due to the pandemic.

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