February / March 2012


Disney’s Calculated Bet – Avatar at Florida’s Animal Kingdom – Disney is developing an entire new area at the company’s Animal Kingdom park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., based on the hit 2009 James Cameron film Avatar. In doing so, Disney is placing a big bet on a franchise that has proven it can sell movie tickets but not necessarily become a social phenomenon.


Sweets for the Smallest Guests – Trends in Dessert Options at Children’s Museums – When parents plan a family outing at a children’s museum, they are thinking about more than just the fun adventures that await their kids. They are also thinking about food; what can they feed their children while they are out, what will their options be and what’s for dessert?

Biggest Trends in Desserts at Children’s Museums



Top Colors and Equipment – Party Rental Trends That Are Growing Businesses – From richly patterned linens, elaborately draped tents and illuminated portable dance floors to all the equipment needed to create backyard carnivals, consumers are, when it comes to parties, going “all out,” or at least, much farther out than during the depths of the economic recession. This means big business for party rental companies.


Bulk Vending Machine and Merchandise Trends – Innovative Thinking Fuels a Changing Industry – Today, more coin-op machine operators have expanded their offerings to include a greater variety of devices, with bulk delivering items like unsorted sweets, nuts, gumballs, toys and novelties and full line providing snacks and sodas. This article explores how these business owners are coping with shifting tastes and trends.

Effective Vending Tips

Trends in the Coin-op Industry – Customers Favor Music and Redemption – In the last decade, coin-op amusement companies have witnessed many changes in their industry as well as changes in the demand for different types of games. Where traditional games once were a major attraction in bars, taverns and other venues, it is the internet jukebox and redemption games that are now getting the attention.


Activities for Every Age – Demographic Considerations and the Attraction Mix – With features like “Kiddie Cove” and the “Lazy River,” indoor and outdoor waterparks put great effort into creating activities that appeal to young children and their parents. However, an equal number of slides with names like “Cyclone” and “Banzai” offer older kids and adults the thrills they seek. The job for park operators is to create the right combination of activities to ensure their parks see repeat business from a variety of demographics.

Designing a Waterpark to Meet the Needs of All Ages

AZA Report ∙ Focus on Exhibits

Flights of Fancy – The Creation and Maintenance of Butterfly Gardens – Delicate and graceful are two words often used to describe butterflies. And finding a balance between maintaining attractions that spotlight these poetic, winged creatures, as well as promoting them, can be a study in coordinating staff responsible for everything from creating a new exhibit infrastructure to maintaining a garden.


Industry Owls – Wise Choices – Tips for Picking Vendors – Just slightly behind your employees and your guests, suppliers and vendors are a major key influencer in the long-term success of your business. In this article, TAP’s Industry Owls writers Sondra Doyle and Frank Seninsky offer tips on finding success with the right companies and products.

BPAA – Creating Events that Create Revenue – Technology, government, unemployment, pop culture and other factors are all drastically changing the way we do business and the demands of our consumers. Families today are actively looking for ways to save money, and by creating special events around holidays and other occasions at your entertainment facility, you can invite your customers to increase the frequency of their visits and transaction amounts.

Bowling Feature – Rolling Toward Profits with Coin-op – How Arcades Complement Bowling – While the increasing popularity of bowling itself bodes well for bowling centers’ business, operators would still do well to look into other features to better service their guests and improve their business picture. A properly managed arcade is one such feature, owners and managers of these facilities have discovered.

Before You Sign On the Dotted Line

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report – The Profitability Picture – Drivers for Visitation and Spending – Even though the economy has everyone tightening their belts, people still want to have fun. Go-kart and mini-golf centers have risen to the challenge, and have come up with creative ways to “drive” people to their centers and keep their businesses running in spite of it all. This article offers a picture of the business climate at centers around the country.

Words of Advice – Opening a New Center

ILTA – A Message from the Executive Director – Thoughts on the season from ILTA’s Ryan McQuillen

Facility Focus – A profile of X-Site Amusement and Entertainment Center, in Indianapolis, Ind.

Tips from the ILTA – Creating Redemption Profits – Strategies from Family Entertainment Centers

Redemption prizes are creating a lot of excitement among customers visiting family entertainment centers. This rise in popularity in redemption games and prizes has become a significant contributor to the bottom line of many FEC arcades. This article explores how some experts are creating excitement and maximizing redemption use and profits.

Four Top Tips for Making Redemption Counters Popular and Profitable


Shock versus Scare – Where Attractions Around the Country Fall in the Spectrum – Apart from pumpkins and candy, haunted attractions play a major role in Halloween’s central theme of thrills and chills. Fear comes in many flavors, from shock to terror to the “creep factor,” which is a scare that “stays with you.” This article examines where haunted attractions around the country fall in the scare spectrum.

Top Tips for Reinventing Haunted Attractions

Haunted Attractions News


Event Brings the Industry Education, New Products and Services, Awards Presentations and More – If you own or manage a leisure or entertainment facility, or are looking to get into the business, Foundations Entertainment University and Amusement Expo are bringing you everything you need to run a successful entertainment center. And on March 16 at Amusement Expo, the winners of the Excellence in Family Entertainment Center Awards will be announced. The awards were created and sponsored by Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine and Foundations Entertainment University. Amusement Expo is March 14-16, 2012, Foundations Entertainment University is March 12-13, 2012 and the FEC Seminar Program is March 14-16, 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nev.


The Challenges of Developing Entertainment Projects in Africa – Africa’s middle class is estimated to grow from about 60 million today to 100 million by 2015, and the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group has been fortunate to work on the feasibility and design of six entertainment projects in Africa. The company is currently designing three different entertainment projects in Cairo, Egypt, Lagos, Nigeria and Luanda, Angola. This article discusses the unique and distinct challenges involved in these projects.

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