November 2018

The Large Park Report  
Big Plans for a New Year – 2019: The Large Park Preview 
Many of the industry’s large parks and resorts are debuting major new attractions in 2019.

Why It’s Fun Is Crystal Clear – A Profile of Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapel, Fla.
Using technology from Chile-based Crystal Lagoons, the first manmade, sustainable lagoon, complete with beaches and cabanas, has been installed at a housing community in Florida. The attraction also features a unit from Freestyle Slides.

Bonus Sidebar: The FreeStyle Inflatable Water Slide at Epperson’s Crystal Lagoon 

Industry Feature  · PrimeTime Amusements 
Next-Level Growth Is No Game – How PrimeTime Amusements Remains Competitive 
The evolution of PrimeTime Amusements and its leader David Goldfarb.

The Buzz Boyz 
A Very Good, Positive Outlook – Third Quarter 2018 Trends 
A look at the trends in the third quarter. 

Amusement Park and Entertainment Center Report 
Ride Safety Trends – Perspectives from Four Attractions 
How four parks make sure the rides are safe.

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping the Youngest Patrons Safe  

Improving the Park Environment – From Landscaping and Benches to Trash Cans and Paint Colors 
A look at the landscaping and facilities picture at four attractions.

Entertainment Center Report · Location and Vendor Spotlight 
Getting the Hang of Fun – The Renovation of Get Air Hang Time, Orem, Utah 
The big Get Air Hang Time attraction in Orem, Utah, is undergoing big changes to appeal even more to its clientele.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling 
Revenue All Around – Maximizing the Earnings of Bowling Profit Centers 
For this article, staff members at bowling centers across the country offered examples of their top money-making areas and explained how to boost sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Ensure Everyone Eats 

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating 
Roller Skating Trends – Music, Lights, Food, and Arcade Games 
A look at what features are generating business for roller skating centers.

Bonus Sidebar: Lighting that Makes Roller Rinks Shine 

Entertainment Center Report · Bumper Cars
Achieving Smooth Profits from Bumper Cars 
How bumper cars perform for a variety of locations. 

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag 
When Modifications Can Mean More Money – Best Laser Tag Themes and Arena Types
As technology advances, more laser tag arenas are investing in fancier setups to create a fully-immersive experience for players.

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline and Inflatable Parks 
Rules for Safe Jumping – Four Centers Get Forthright Regarding Safety 
When the fun is gravity-defying, safety is all-important. 

Bonus Sidebar: Music – Hitting a High Note for Fun 

Bonus Sidebar: Ensuring the Fun is Safe 

Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Report 
Employee Retention – Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers Share their Strategies to Get Employees to Stay 
At miniature golf courses and go-kart facilities, employee turnover tends to be a common concern. For this article, three centers shared their techniques to improve employee retention and loyalty. 

Bonus Sidebar: Mentoring and Onboarding New Employees 

Bonus Sidebar: Challenging Veteran Employees to Stay Engaged  

Entertainment Center Report · Digital Marketing Vendor News 
A Future Dependent on Networking with the Experts – Katie Decker and Collideascope 
Collideascope, a team of digital marketing specialists, have stepped up to show clients the importance of being visible online.

Entertainment Center Report · Vendor Spotlight 
Location Profile – Bayou Magic FEC, Moss Bluff, La.
A look at Mark and Heather Senegal’s Bayou Magic Family Fun Center in Moss Bluff, La.

Location Profile – Epic Gaming, St. Catherine’s, ON, Canada
Located close to the tourist attractions of Niagara Falls, Epic Gaming is committed to offering family fun for locals.

Entertainment Center Report · Employee Hiring and Retention  
Tips for Employee Acquisition and Retention
With growth comes the challenge of hiring and keeping great employees. 

Street Beat 
Coin-op Operators: Advice to Retain the Best Employees
How coin-operated game companies strive to offer incentives that encourage employee retention and strong morale. 

Bonus Sidebar: Recruiting the Best Employees

Advice from the Street – Good Ideas to Stay Organized and Profitable 
Tips to keep your business performing well.

AAMA FEC Corner 
Fun Is in the Cards and Coins – Drawing Guests to the Arcade
For this article, location staff members offered a look at scoring big when it comes to arcade games. 

Food Service Spotlight 
Food Trends at Museums and Botanical Gardens – Healthier, Unique Options Whet Patrons’ Appetites 
This article explores some of the specific dishes that are satisfying guests’ hunger pangs at museums and botanical gardens.  

Bonus Sidebar: Desserts That Take the Cake  

Giving a Cheer for the Culinary – Food Trends at Areans and Stadiums
The changing concessions industry at arenas and stadiums.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-Selling Desserts at Arenas and Stadiums  

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping Staple Menu Items to a High Standard 

Haunted Attractions 
Scare Tactics – New Trends at Halloween Attractions Nationwide 
Four haunts tell their stories and discuss industry trends.

Bonus Sidebar: Gore Galore – Insights into Featuring Blood and Guts at Halloween Attractions 

Expanded Amusement Rental/Inflatable News  
Best Bets for Bouncers – Tips to Get the Best Deal When Buying Inflatables 
The inflatable marketplace, including what is in demand for a selection of rental companies.

Ensuring Safe Setups – Pre-Party Checklists for Inflatables 
How to keep the bouncing safe.

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