August 2011

The Magic of High Technology

Technically Speaking – How Science Museums Use Technology to Attract Visitors
Many science museums are using the latest multimedia tools to attract astute visitors who may already be familiar with the latest and greatest technology. Keeping up with the learning curve isn’t always easy,
but the museums profiled in this story are succeeding at offering memorable experiences.

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Balancing Act – Achieving Harmony Between Nature and Science at Zoos and Aquariums
From animals roaming through systems of computer-controlled habitat gates to guests following the story of wild creatures on personal devices, technology is playing a pivotal role in the success of zoos and aquariums and is changing both the guest experience and animal care practices.

Family Entertainment Center Report

Bowling Report  – Enhancing the Experience – Bright Lights and Music to Bowl By
Whether it helps the game score or not can be debated, but sound and light effects installed in bowling centers produce mind-altering experiences in bowlers for the better and create a social, fun and action-filled sensibility.

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report – Thought Before Action — Crafting a Total Experience at Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers
As family fun centers seek to create a total experience with theming, sound, lighting, food and attractions, putting it all together can sometimes appear daunting. Here’s how several go-kart and mini-golf operations are handling the challenge.

Top Three Tips for Creating a Total Integrated Experience

RSA Report – The High Tech Elements that Go Into Running a Roller Skating Rink
Years ago roller skating centers offered an organ, disco ball and maybe a few snacks for customers to enjoy. Stroll into one of today’s modern skating centers and your senses might overload. Music, lights and real food offer an atmosphere of pure entertainment. So what are all these high-tech elements and what are the benefits?

ILTA – A Message from ILTA Director

How Technology Has Shaped the Laser Tag Experience
When you think about laser tag, one of the first things to come to mind is technology. Looking at the history of the diversion, it’s easy to see how far those technological advancements have come to shape laser tag into what it is today.

The Large Park Report

New Technology Means New Media Strategies for Theme Parks
Contributor Chad Emerson examines how technology in key areas such as publicity and marketing operations present unique opportunities to build attendance for large theme parks.

Foundations Entertainment University

Foundations Entertainment University is an educational seminar event held at locations around the country that offers a blueprint for success, growth and profit in the entertainment industry. The seminar, which is taught by leading industry experts, covers topics such as feasibility costs, games and attractions, financing, design, operations, food and beverage and more.

The Real World Foundations Style: Teaching Attendees How to Do It Right the First Time

The story of how Jellystone at Rustic Creek Ranch and Treetop Family Adventure benefited from Foundations Entertainment University.

2011 Profiles in Excellence

Half-page stories about some of the leading vendors in the industry


From the Lines to the Rides: Innovations in Waterpark Technology
Technology is assisting with everything from easing the press of lines to keeping the water sparkling at waterparks around the country.


Coin-op Industry Update: Advances in Machine Technology
For the vending machine industry, technological growth has overall had a positive influence on business.  In recent years, coin-op operators have observed some great new capabilities, thanks to these advances, and negative outcomes have been few and far between.

A Partner for Success – Putting a Coin-op Operator in Your Corner
A primary benefit among many that business owners receive from operators is service to the
coin-operated equipment. By hiring a nearby coin-op operator, the savvy owner can ensure
that the machines are well serviced and up to date.

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Launching Good Eats – Introducing New Menu Items at Waterparks
When arranging a menu, the food services department at waterparks stick with those foods that sell the best, but occasionally choose to bring in a new item that may appeal to guests who are looking for something different. Food and beverage managers are always keeping an eye out for the new and tasty.

Food at Arenas, Stadiums and Performing Arts Spaces – Catering Operations that Cater to Individual Tastes
The ability to offer a family “eater-tainment” that mixed the attraction experience within the dining environment was groundbreaking in the 1970s and still holds strong appeal today.

Food Spotlight News


The Great Cover Up – Maintaining and Providing the Right Tents for Customer Events
People love to bring the indoors to the great outdoors.  After all, it’s the best of all worlds.  Fortunately, today’s variety of tents enable them to do just that.  From business functions to social events, here’s how tent rental operations maintain and install the right coverings for their clients.

Tips for Maintaining and Providing the Right Tents

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