March 2022

The Large Park Report
At 50 Years Young, Walt Disney World Resort Celebrates in Style
How Walt Disney World Resort pulled off its half-century celebration amid the pandemic.
A Time for Growth – Trends in Indoor Waterparks
Indoor waterparks interviewed for this article reported strong growth in 2021 and discussed their plans for 2022.
Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Cleaning Tip
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Bowling
The Best Bowling Kitchens – Eateries Serving Great Food Efficiently
In this article, four bowling alley owners and managers discussed their latest food best-sellers, updates to their kitchens, and more.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Virtual Reality and Laser Tag
Virtual Reality and Laser Tag Centers: Effective Customer Service Advice
At virtual reality (VR) and laser tag centers everywhere, providing good and effective customer service is the key both to keep customers happy and to make the facility successful. For this article, center owners and staff offered their best advice for optimal customer service.
Bonus Sidebar: Handling Unruly or Upset Customers
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Trampoline Parks
COVID Changes – The Pandemic’s Influence on Trampoline Parks
In this article, trampoline park owners and operators said the industry is thriving again after two challenging years.
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Sanitation Strategies from the Experts – Keeping the Attractions Operational and Clean
Operational and cleaning tips from officials at mini-golf and go-kart facilities.
Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Favorite Cleaning Supplies?
Entertainment Center Report ∙ Roller Skating
Keeping Guests Moving – How Roller Skating Can Encourage Health for Kids and Adults
Here’s how four roller skating rink owners and managers convey a message of fitness to kids and adults.
Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Get More Customers Rolling In
The Perfect Arcade Design Plan at Bowling and FEC Centers
Business is picking up at bowling alleys, skating rinks and FECs, and facilities are making the most of arcades.
Street Beat
A Mixed Bag for Success – Trends in Vintage Games
Some retro game selections, such as Ms. Pac-Man and pinball, still enjoy success.
Food Service Spotlight
How the Pandemic Has Changed Food Service at Zoos and Aquariums
This article features interviews with two zoos and an aquarium regarding operating during a pandemic to offer the best food service.
Bonus Sidebar: Are Healthy Choices In or Out? Why?
Where Food Is a Big Part of the Fun – Trends in Concessions
As fair and festival concessionaires look forward to 2022, most are trying out new recipes, adjusting their menus, and getting ready for another year of feeding guests the foods they associate with these events.
Haunts and Escape Rooms
How Haunts and Escape Rooms Kept the Spirit of Their Attractions While Staying Safe
For this article, Contributor Sarah Karnish interviewed haunts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and an escape room in Illinois, to discuss operational changes brought on by the pandemic.


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