January 2017

The Large Park Report
Predictions and Observations: What to Expect in 2017
Last year was extremely successful for the industry’s large parks. Will the trend continue in 2017?

Waterparks: Inside Information on Indoor Fun
In this article, owners and managers of indoor waterparks reflect on their plans and goals for 2017.

Bonus Sidebar: When the Online Reviews Are Negative – Tips to Turn Complaints Around  

International Perspectives
The All-Inclusive Single Ticket Concept Has Benefited Both the Owners and Guests of Russian Entertainment Centers
Ticketing trends at Russian entertainment centers.

2017 F2FEC Preview Feature: Differentiate
F2FEC– A Different Kind of Conference
How does an FEC operator differentiate his business from others?  That will be the focus of family entertainment visionaries, leaders and innovators who will gather for the third annual F2FEC Conference in February.

Family Entertainment Centers – How Do You Set Your Center Apart in Your Region
With a growing array of entertainment options to compete with, guest-friendly customer service is what keeps patrons coming back, said owners and managers at FECs across the country.

 F2FEC Fast Facts

Selling Your Entertainment Center – Ten Tips to Add Value to Your Center
This article contains 10 tips to add value and increase the selling price of your business.

Gibsonton Fair Preview
Building Business – Trends in Carnivals, Fairs and Festivals
At carnivals, fairs, and festivals, business seemed to be booming in 2016.

Bonus Sidebar: The Most Popular Midway Games 

The Buzz Boyz
Greeting 2017 After Ending 2016 on a High Note 
A status report on the industry from experts Frank Seninsky and Scott C. Borowsky.

Entertainment Center Report
Gazing into the Crystal Bowling Ball – Trends and the Future
The New Year is a great time to take a fresh look at your bowling center and what it means to your community.

Fixing for Success – Top Maintenance Tips for Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers 
A look at ways to keep go-kart and mini-golf centers neat, clean and functioning well.

Kids at Play Project Update – Where the Play Equipment Is Safe and Fun
Project news from iPlayCo.

Keeping Sales Spinning – Selling More Food at Roller Skating Centers
Facility owners and managers are working hard to increase food sales at their centers.

He Hu Darz – A Center with a Tough Name Where the Fun Is Easy 
Success is easy for He Hu Darz in Middlesboro, Ky., which opened on Thanksgiving Day 2016.

Differentiate: The Lesson Your FEC Can Learn From Disney
Creative Works can bring the WOW effect to your project.

Destination Trampoline Park – How wAIRhouse in Salt Lake City Is Keeping Jumpers Safe
A fitness spokesperson and a certified personal trainer who owns the wAIRhouse Trampoline Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, discusses best practices for a safe operation.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Rules for Safe Jumping 

The Buzz on Zip Lining – Inside Safety, Marketing and Adventure Trends
A look at the zip line business through the eyes of a selection of companies.

Zip Line Product News

Family Entertainment Centers – The Best Way to Lay Out an Arcade
For this article, FEC staff offered their advice on arcade set-up and other ways to enhance appeal and retain customers.

Street Beat
Perspectives from the Street – Operators Discuss Ticket and Token Trends
Amusement operators weigh in on the use of tickets and tokens.

Into the Future: Best New Video and Redemption Earners
For this article, operators discussed which devices did best last year and their predictions for 2017.

Food Service Spotlight
From Proteins and Vegetables to Starches and Sweets – Trends in Fair and Festival Food
Fair food staples are still in the forefront of sales, but healthier options are surfacing also.

Museums and Aquariums
Offering a Sense of Style – Keeping Exhibit Designs Appealing at Museums and Aquariums
An exhibit design update from a selection of museums and aquariums.

Bonus Sidebar: Exhibits with Reach – What Guests Appreciate

Haunted Attractions and Escape Rooms
Selling the Extras – Souvenirs and Food at Escape Rooms and Haunted Attractions
While a number of venues are still in the planning stages when it comes to food and souvenirs, other attractions have established strong sales in these categories.

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