February/March 2017


The Large Park Report
Scaring Up Business – Halloween Events at Large Parks
Although the summer months garner much of the interest, Halloween season is one of the fastest growing, and one of the most profitable, times of the year for large parks.

Waterplay Safety Tips for a Season of Fun
How waterparks from coast to coast are keeping safety a top priority.

Bonus Sidebar: Tips to Keep Guests from Tripping – Preventing Slips and Falls 

The Buzz Boyz
 A Report from the First Quarter of 2017
Industry experts Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky assess the state of the industry.

Entertainment Center Report
A Company Profile: Dave & Buster’s
A look at Dave & Buster’s, the popular spot for food, drinks, sports and arcade games.

Striking Gold with Games – Building a Better Arcade at Bowling Centers
At bowling centers nationwide, arcades can be a big draw for customers.

Advice for the Best Arcades – Tips from Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Locations
How the arcade is set up and maintained can make a big difference in profitability for mini-golf and go-kart centers.

What Is New for Teens at the Arcade? – Tips from Roller Skating Centers
The news on what is appealing to teens in the arcade.

Trampoline Parks Plus – How Add-ons and Events Attract More Jumpers
How trampoline parks offer additional features for fun and profit.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Tips for Diversifying Activities

Presenting Ideas for Success: The Foundations Entertainment University Presenters
Comments from the presenters of Foundations Entertainment University, a comprehensive three-day educational workshop and seminar program.

Project Update: IPlayCO, International Play Company
A look at IPlayCO projects.

Special Laser Tag Report
The Arcade Extra – How Coin-Op Games Add Value to the Laser Tag Experience
While most guests don’t come to Laser Flash in Indiana for the arcade, it’s still an important part of the business.

More than Just Pizza – Popular Food Trends at Laser Tag Centers
A look at what is selling for the laser tag food segment.

Bonus Sidebar: Four Popular Food Trends

Shooting for Around-the-Clock Business – How Laser Tag Centers Are Serving All Customers
The variety of types of clientele for laser tag arenas can mean additional profits and business.

Street Beat
The Word from the Street – Coin-Op Game Operators Discuss the Most Popular Games
To a large extent, game popularity can depend on the market that operators serve. But in this article, certain trends emerged when discussing the top-drawing games across the nation.

Best Bets for Bulk Vendors – Candy and Prizes that Are Winners
Coin-op operators discuss the candy and prizes that can drive business.

Coin-Op Operational Strategies – Tips to Hire and Train the Best Workers
For this article, company owners and managers offered their tips on how to hire, train, and retain the best workers.

What’s Fun at the FEC – The Best-Earning Games and Most Popular Activities
Why family entertainment centers (FECs) continue to do well despite the many other options for family fun.

Food Service Spotlight
Tips to Trim Food Costs – Insights from Museums, Zoos and Aquariums
Advice from food service department experts on how to curb food costs.

Bonus Sidebar: Cut Down on Costs with Cut Above the Rest Training 

Goodies for Good Times – Trends in Fun Foods and Soft Serve
The outlook from fun centers on their most popular sellers.

There’s More then S’mores at Campgrounds
Food trends at campgrounds.

The Museum Experience – How to Sell More Tours, Food and Souvenirs
Trends in all of the extras for a fun museum visit.

Bonus Sidebar: Five Top Tips for Selling More Food, Gifts and Tours

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
Coping with Cost and Coverage – A Look at Insurance
Industry insurance trends.

Haunted Attractions and Escape Rooms
Trends in Big Scares and Great Escapes
Trends in the chills and challenges of today’s haunted attractions
and escape rooms.

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