January 2015

The Large Park Report

Food Service Stars – Celebrity Chefs and Theme Parks
Is the celebrity chef trend also gaining traction in the theme park world?

Keeping Guests in the Dark – Interactive Dark Rides from TRIOTECH 

The Fun Is at the Fair 

Traveling Entertainment Trends – Fair and Carnival
Rides and Games

What are some of the more recent trends in rides and games
that patrons enjoy and fair and carnival owners recommend?

Shout Out Strategies – Top Fair Promotional Tactics
What promotional tools do fairs and carnivals use to encourage attendance at events? From the Internet to fliers, smart fair and carnival promoters use many techniques.

Seeking Staffing Solutions – Finding Workers for Fairs and Carnivals
Traveling entertainment company business owners across the country weigh in on what it takes to find workers and quality employees.

Food for Thought – What Is Popular and New in the  Cart and Concession Industry
Trends in traveling entertainment food service.

Keeping a Food Cart Clean: Five Tips 


Inside Information – Trends at Indoor Waterparks
What’s making a splash at indoor waterparks? Nationwide, the most popular elements of the indoor, all-weather, get-wet havens are as varied as the areas where they operate.

Family Entertainment Center Report · F2FEC 

Apps, Games and Interactive Fun – Top Trends at
Family Entertainment Centers
As video games and other at-home entertainment become even more popular, family fun centers around the country have had to rethink how they attract younger visitors.

Family Entertainment Center Report · F2FEC Product Spotlight

Big Fun: Spotlight on Mini-Bowling
Mini-bowling is a definite strike, a sure-fire entertainment winner for kids, adults and families. Bowling small means discovering a large amount of fun for bowlers, and a solid success story for alley owners.

QubicaAMF: A Passion to Deliver Innovation 

Rolling Out the Fun – Delton Bowling Is a Sleek and Stylish Family Fun Center
The Delton Bowling story.

 The Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference

Family Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Karts 

All Set for Customer Satisfaction – Staff Training Tips for the New Year As the front line for guests, well-trained and happy employees keep the fun in family fun centers.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag 

A Laser Sharp Focus on Fun – Kentucky’s
Laser Tag Museum
An introduction to Louisville, Ky.’s Laser Tag Museum.

Street Beat 

Trends in Machine Payment Options – Determining the Right Mix for Your Operation
Cash and coin as methods of payment are increasingly disappearing in favor of cashless systems.

The Outlook for 2015 – New Games and Machines
For the most part, a lot of street vendors are busy working out a new business model that is far different from days gone by.

Food Service Spotlight 

Selling More Fun Foods – Perspectives from Family Entertainment Centers
Family entertainment centers are all about fun, even when it comes to food.

New Menu Items for Memorable Meals – Strategies for 2015 from Zoos and Botanical Gardens
Hungry visitors to zoos and botanical gardens are looking for healthy food made with fresh, local ingredients.

Crafting a Menu Full of Good Sellers: Five Tips

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

Ensuring Fun – An Industry Insurance Update
The insurance picture for party rental and inflatable rental companies.

Six Qualities to Look for in An  Insurance Company

Haunted Attractions 

Fear Factor – The Pros and Cons of Audience Interaction
at Haunted Attractions
How haunted attractions across the county are increasingly offering a tactile, interactive experience.


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