November 2014

The Large Park Report  

Rides for Today, Rides for Tomorrow – What Is New and on the Horizon at the Nation’s Large Parks
This story examines what was new in 2014 and what will come in 2015 at several of the nation’s large parks.

Bonus Sidebar:  Six Flags Over Georgia to Debut New Rides  


SeaWorld Celebrates a Second Season in San Diego –
Inside the Wet and Wild World of Aquatica
Aquatica San Diego, like its sister parks in San Antonio and Orlando, Fla., features guest experiences for both the adventurer and the escapist.

Cover Story 

Skill, Speed and Sweets – The Story of PrimeTime
Amusements, XBK Zone and Hershey’s Ice Cream
A third location for the Shake Shoppe Arcade featuring Hershey’s Ice Cream will open in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in late 2014 or early 2015.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Bowling

Safe and Sound – Advice on Preventing Injuries and Accidents to Create a Secure Center
Tips from bowling center owners on how to keep these high-traffic attractions safe.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf & Go-Karts 

Tips for Guest Comfort – Buying the Best Furnishings and Trash Cans
Your guests may not think about the seating, trash cans or other furnishings at your miniature golf course or go-kart racing facility. But these elements can be the most important aspects of making sure the visitor experience remains the best you can possibly provide.

Miniature Golf News

The Value-Added Miniature Golf Experience

Family Entertainment Center Report: Roller Skating

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Guests – Floor Covering
Purchase and Maintenance Advice
How roller skating centers choose and maintain one of their most important features: the carpeting.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Color it Fun – Picking Roller Center Carpet Hues

Family Entertainment Center Report · Booking Parties and Driving Traffic

From Parties to Planning: Mobile Devices and Today’s FEC
Family entertainment centers need online content for mobile devices to keep up with the public.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag

Mixing it Up – How Laser Tag Centers Benefit from Additional Attractions
Many laser tag centers are adding other attractions to draw customers who might not come otherwise, and to keep fans entertained while they’re waiting for the next round of game play.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Bumper Cars

A Bright Spot for Entertainment Centers: LED Bumper Cars
How bumper cars are innovating with the times for a nostalgically fun entertainment experience.

Street Beat

Choosing the Right Currency – Insights on Tokens, Cash, Tickets and Swipe Cards
The changing admissions and redemption picture.

Comeback Kids: Classic Diversions, Pushers and More

Winning at the FEC – Tips for Stocking the Right Redemption Prize Merchandise
Oversized plush and brightly colored novelty items are what most often come to mind when you mention redemption toys.  While those items still have their place at redemption counters, many of today’s consumers are looking for something even more special to bring home.

Bonus Sidebar: Seven Attention-Grabbing Crane Prizes 

Food Service Spotlight · Museums 

Menus that Hit a Sweet Note – Dessert and Coffee Best Practices
How museums are balancing demand with all types of dessert and coffee options.

Bonus Sidebar: Grounds for Success – Tips to Perk Up Coffee Sales 

Food Service Spotlight · Zoos and Aquariums 

From Materials and Colors to Configurations and Locations – Best Seating Ideas for Great Dining
How zoos and aquariums create attractive food seating areas for patrons to increase the fun and guest satisfaction.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

The Hot List: The Most Requested Party Rental Items of 2014
In this article, party and event amusement rental companies reflect on 2014 trends and look to the future.

Haunted Attractions

Solid Tips to Set the Scene – Operational Advice from Haunted Attractions
Haunted attractions are live stories, and haunt owners and operators have a myriad of ways to set the scene.

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping the Scares Scrubbed – Haunt Cleaning Tips 

Special Report: Entertainment Industry Innovations

Shaking the Trees for New Attractions – Trends in Agricultural and Outdoor Adventure Fun
The agribusiness/outdoor attraction industry has seen a huge uptick in business from families looking to spend more quality time together outside surrounded by fresh air rather than indoors surrounded by technology.

Animatronics: The Case for Magical Virtuosos
Amidst an increasing reliance on digital media in theme park attractions the world over, 50-year-old animatronics technology remains the king of effective storytelling for all sorts of rides and shows.

Why Interactive Video Rides at FECs? – Five Good Reasons
For family entertainment centers, interactive video rides are hot for several reasons.


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