November 2016

The Large Park Report

The Year in Review: 2016 at Large Parks and Resorts
Contributing Writer Chad Emerson looks at changes and improvements during 2016 at a selection of parks.

Amusement Parks – Top Tips for Training Top Workers
How parks of all sizes are properly training staff members.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best Advice for Teaching a New Skill?

Safety First: How Waterparks Protect Guests
When looking to make a waterpark as safe as it can be, there are lots of areas to address.

Food and Retail – What Guests Want at Waterparks

The Buzz Boyz
It’s a Wrap – Perspectives from the Season’s End
A look at events around the industry as 2016 winds down.

Entertainment Center Report
Great Advice to Keep Bowling Centers Running
A look at how bowling centers take great effort at caring for their facilities.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips for Clean Restrooms

Mini-Golf and Go-Karts – Lessons From the 2016 Summer Season
In this article, mini golf and go-kart facility owners and operators around the country discuss the summer season.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Keep Guests Happy

Laser Tag – Gearing up for Winter Business – Changes for the Changing Season 
How laser tag centers adjust to the winter season.

Roller Skating – Tips to Keep Skating Along When Business Is Slow
How roller skating centers get creative to generate business during slow periods.

The Basics of Better Jumping – Sound and Lighting at Trampoline Parks
Why lighting and sound systems go a long way to increasing the fun at jump parks.

Location Profile – Digging It in West Berlin, N.J. – Diggerland USA Offers a Unique Spin on Fun
A look at West Berlin, N.J.’s Diggerland USA.

Bumper Cars and Arcades – Tips to Drive Business to Your Attractions
How do you make bumper cars and arcades stand out and claim a decent slice of the entertainment center business pie?

International Perspectives
The Middle East Market Stretches the Imagination for Intercard
There was a time in the FEC business when the United States market was the bellwether.  Today, the international scene is providing compelling lessons for business success too.

Retail Spotlight
Selling Souvenirs and Gifts – Mementoes Worth Mentioning
T-shirts and souvenirs with a local connection are surefire best-sellers for attractions.

Company Spotlight
Garner Holt Productions, Inc.: 40 Years of Imagination
To commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary,  Garner Holt
Productions, Inc. (GHP) is profiled in this article by GHP Creative
Design Director Bill Butler.

Ways to Drive Business to Your Arcade
AAMA Executive Vice President Pete Gustafson looks at the arcade business past and present.

Family Entertainment Centers: Creating the Best Arcade
Tips from the experts on making the best arcade.

Street Beat
Game On – Coin-Op Trends Blast into the Nightlife World
Locations offering games and food and beverages are enjoying success.

Trends in Bulk Vending and Video Games, Plus the Best Prizes
For this article, owners and managers described the most popular bulk vending machines, video games and prizes of the season.

Trends in Arcades – Amusement Parks and Family Fun Centers
Game arcades are an integral part of amusement parks and family fun centers across the United States.

Bonus Sidebar: Surf’s Up for Arcades at SeaWorld San Diego

Food Service Spotlight
The Dish – The Hottest Food Trends at Zoos and Aquariums
What’s on the food service menu at a selection of zoos and aquariums.

Bonus Sidebar: Three Smart Menu Tips

Fresh and From Scratch – How Amusement Parks Are Raising the Stakes to Offer Better Food
At some amusement parks, fresh, locally sourced foods and customized menu items are transforming the culinary landscape.

Location Profile
Where the Food and Games Flow Freely: Dave & Buster’s
A look at the ever-popular Dave & Buster’s.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
Best Bets for Better Business – Tips to Keep the Selection
of Inflatable Attractions Profitable
Customers rely on good looking, well-maintained inflatables, and in a competitive business, maintenance and attractive replacements are the keys to success.

Bonus Sidebar: The Most Popular Inflatable Attractions

Haunted Attractions
Low Gore for High Scares – Why, For Some, Creepy is In and Bloody Is Out
For some haunts, the scariest attraction elements are psychological.

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