Advice to Find Answers – Feb/March 2020

Scott C. Borowsky

Where do you go for answers to your operational questions? Whether it is an online query or a phone call or text to a trusted friend or colleague, collaboration can often be key to getting input and new ideas to solve your business problems, whether they are stubborn and long-term or simple and easily resolved.
In each issue, Tourist Attractions & Parks (TAP) offers a marketplace of ideas and operational strategies straight from the experts: your colleagues from around the country. TAP’s original stories address all types of business topics – from staffing and training to equipment upkeep and money-saving tips. The magazine accomplishes this through interviews with managers, owners and spokespeople on the front lines of the leisure entertainment industry. This issue additionally offers a bonus directory of vendors, the 2020 Who’s Who Buyer’s Guide. Some of the companies in the list are also advertisers in the edition, so you can get even more information on the businesses from their ads.
The magazine contains a wealth of information in its regular editorial sections. In The Large Park Report, our contributor discusses how large parks keep employees engaged and feeling respected, and in the Waves section, we look at what is fun and new at waterparks. The Entertainment Center Report offers special expanded laser tag coverage that includes articles on hiring and training and keeping the equipment up and running. We also look at strategies to maintain safe equipment at trampoline parks, keeping mini-golf and go-kart attractions profitable, plus managing a great staff at these centers. The best lighting and signage at roller skating centers is also covered.
The annual Amusement Expo International will be held March 9-11, 2020, in New Orleans, La. To recognize the event, in this issue’s Street Beat section, we offer stories on the most popular sports games, and tips on finding the best machines plus the sidebar “Who Fixes and Maintains Machines?” There is bonus arcade game coverage in the AAMA FEC Corner and the Bowling section.
We also offer interesting food stories, an expanded Zoo, Aquarium and Museum section that covers staffing and accessibility, escape and haunt articles, an inflatable equipment story, and a GameWorks update with Chairman and CEO Philip N. Kaplan.
I hope you enjoy the issue. Please get in touch with your questions,
comments, and suggestions, by emailing, calling 610-645-6940 ext. 0 or through Facebook, and I will respond to your note or call personally.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine

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