Welcoming 2020 – January 2020

Scott C. Borowsky

As we meet the New Year with a sense of optimism and determination for positive change, we can also look to the successes and challenges of 2019 for inspiration moving forward. This first issue of 2020 offers fresh insights on many interesting industry topics. And we at Tourist Attractions & Parks are looking forward to another year of examining the industry as only we do, by reaching out to the professionals on the front lines of the business to learn from their opinions and experiences.

In this issue’s Large Park Report, Contributor Chad Emerson starts off the year with a look at the international pictures for parks, where there is phenomenal growth. And closer to home, Contributor Karen Appold examines the state of the waterpark industry in the story “What’s Hot, and What’s Not – Waterpark Trends for 2020.”

Each January ahead of the IISF carnival tradeshow in Gibsonton, Fla., we present expanded coverage of this interesting and timeless industry segment. In this issue’s Fair and Carnival Report, Contributor Hilary Danailova covers changing times for fairs, while in a separate article, Contributor Genie Davis writes about ride safety.

In each issue of the year, TAP covers the entertainment center business like no other publication. In this issue’s Entertainment Center Report, Contributor June Allan Corrigan reveals managers’ secrets to a well-run bowling center. The section also includes stories about laser tag, trampolines, zip lines, and mini-golf and go-karts.

TAP also presents interesting stories about the highly specialized coin-operated game business by interviewing operators from all over the country for the Street Beat section. In this issue’s installment, we cover swipe cards in one article, and offer advice to hire the best staff in a second piece that includes a bonus sidebar on keeping workers safe.

Food service is an integral part of the success for many entertainment locations. In TAP’s Food Service Spotlight section, we throughout the year examine the role food plays in both the guest experience and the bottom line of attractions. In this issue, we look at food service at zoos and aquariums.

Insurance is a vital element for any business model or established company. We open 2020 with a Special Spotlight on Insurance section that offers perspectives on the insurance needs of museums and of amusement rental and inflatable device companies.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me through Facebook, by calling 610-645-6940 ext. 0, or by emailing editortapmag@kanec.com and I will respond to your note or call personally.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine

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