Hot Off of the Presses: Triotech in 2017

16 IAAPA Attractions Expo, including the 2017 launch of The Flyer, a first-of-its-kind scaleable flying theater attraction in San Francisco.

The key features of the attraction are: 3D content in both CGI and live footage; wider motion range; and seat-based motion instead of platform-based motion.  The theater is scalable and can go in locations that were previously impossible. The unit will be installed at Pier 39 and will allow visitors to explore the city from truly a bird’s eye perspective.  A second theater will open in China also in 2017.

Eric Marradi, creative director at Triotech, said the mix of CGI and live footage was a “tremendous story-telling tool.”

Triotech has partnered with AMC to bring the “Fear the Walking Dead Experience” to Fremont Street in Las Vegas this summer.  It is the first interactive, walk-through attraction based on the hit TV series, and will be a co-owned attraction.

And finally, Triotech will be bringing “Ghostbusters 5-D” to Germany in 2017.  Yale described it as “the ultimate ghost hunt, a fully interactive ride.”  Equipped with an ectoblaster and wearing glasses, guests will ride in a cart for this dark ride. The experience is being developed with Merlin Entertainment and Sony Pictures.

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