F2FEC –  Poised to Make Change Happen

The Amigos started F2FEC to support our peers in the industry who care about doing better and making a difference. F2FEC exists to work alongside those who share a common goal and vision to see the industry differently, help each other make better decisions, and most of all, to be prepared for the challenges and be a positive force for the changes around us.


F2FEC is a gathering with the sharing of information and relationship building at its core. We are an intensive three-day experience that exposes attendees to new people, new challenges and new ideas to help you run your business, and maybe navigate life. We started this style conference in 2013 and perfected the format in 2015 into what is now the F2FEC Experience. The people in the room are making a difference: those who join us each February account for nearly 700 facilities nationally, employing more than 22,000 people and generating over $1B in annual revenues.


F2FEC is built around experience; sharing through relationships.  We ask that when you participate with us at F2FEC that you let your guard down; don’t sit, stand; don’t just listen speak up; and don’t simply accept, but challenge; and if you do, we know that we’ll transform the way we work and improve our bottom line as well.  The takeaway is up to you and everyone’s takeaway should be magnified by your presence.


The Amigos are proud that the conference we produce isn’t the traditional “workshop” style and the experience isn’t for everyone.  We’re looking for a few people who are passionate about the industry, passionate about giving back and making a difference. We want those who care, to join us, and we ask that they push for change and lead.


By saying: “When experience and passion come together opportunity follows” we mean, when like-minded people share and engage, we make smarter, more strategic, compassionate choices. What is simple for the Amigos is this: We produce F2FEC to create possibilities, to shine a light, open doors so we can all step through and begin to make an even bigger impact on our industry and our communities.


F2FEC is February 21-24, 2017 in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit F2conference.com.


We invite you to “Be in the room.” Please join us.

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