Brunswick Bowling Announces New Roles to Support Resurging Modernization Sales

Brunswick officials have announced multiple changes to the United States sales team in order to further support customer demand across the Capital Equipment division. Effective immediately, Derek Ransom has been named regional modernization sales manager and Mike DuCharme has been appointed area sales manager/manager of United States electronic sales.

“Fueled by the demand for Sync Scoring and other innovative Capital Equipment products designed to enhance the bowlers’ experience, Brunswick has seen a significant increase in modernization sales activity. Proprietors today are faced with complex business challenges, and Brunswick has been working with proprietors and other industry leaders to develop and promote products and equipment to address these issues,” said Brent Perrier, Brunswick Bowling Products CEO. “We are fortunate to have the best talent in the industry and continue to realign and apply their specialties where needed in order to lead the bowling industry into an era of innovation and global expansion.”

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