Jane Farrell Turf & Carpets, Inc. (JFTC) and Flagship Carpets to Become One Resource

Jane Farrell Turf & Carpets, Inc. (JFTC) and Flagship Carpets have announced an alignment of the two companies to become one resource for their customers.

“It is something no one has ever done, and we will be able to serve our customers like never before,” said JFTC President Jane Farrell.

Farrell and her team will continue to manage the turf portion of this new combined company, while Brumlow Carpet Mills, which is the parent company of Flagship, will now be the sole pattern carpet producer that JFTC will sell. The beauty of this alignment, Farrell said, is that Flagship can now offer a Quick Ship service.

“JFTC has been known for years for our quick ship service, which means that we ship orders on stocking items within 24 to 48 hours,” Farrell said.

With Flagship’s carpet quality and ability to produce at a competitive price, and Farrell’s experience in the family entertainment industry, it seems that this alignment comes out as a win-win for the customer.

“With this new partnership, we can provide amazing customer service on great carpet at the most competitive price,” said Jake Brumlow, CEO of Flagship Carpets. “You add the Quick Ship program to the mix and it is a whole new level of customer service in the family entertainment industry.”

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