Technology and the Changing Face of Leisure Entertainment

The simple goal of entertaining guests takes thought, patience, planning and many experts working together toward creating the best and most memorable experiences. Technology is playing a large role in improving facilities and enhancing marketing efforts. In this issue we present our annual examination of how technology is being used to bring out the best in all types of facilities.

An ideal showcase for technological advances is at a science museum. In The Magic of High Technology section, we present a look at how these institutions are using the latest thought and technology for improved exhibits and communication with guests. Zoos and aquariums tread a balance between entertainment and humane animal care and conservation, and are also using science to connect with guests and improve the living environment for the creatures they shelter.

The Family Entertainment Center Report presents stories on how bowling centers are using the best in sound and lighting for increased guest satisfaction, the high-tech elements that go into running a roller skating operation and the history of and outlook for the laser tag industry.

Other stories focusing on technology include waterpark and coin-operated games industry features. Additionally, large parks are on the forefront of using new media, and our contributor Chad Emerson sheds light on how the attractions are accomplishing their marketing and publicity goals.

Food service is a large profit center for the leisure entertainment business, and facilities are always trying to improve their offerings. The Food Service Spotlight section features an article on introducing new menu items at waterparks and food trends at arenas, stadiums and performing arts spaces.

The issue also contains a story on using big-picture thinking to craft a total experience at mini-golf and go-kart centers and a piece about hiring a coin-op operator to handle your games. And anyone who has attended an outdoor event recently may have noticed the new generation of sophisticated tents. Our Amusement Rental/Inflatable News story covers how party rental companies are offering the best in tents to clients.

Incubating and executing new ideas for your attraction may mean connecting with new vendors. Each August, we present the Profiles in Excellence section, which features half-page stories about some of the best companies in the business. To make contact with these businesses, see their ads in this issue, visit them online or circle the corresponding number on the reader service card after page 82 in this edition.

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Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Tourist Attractions and Parks magazine

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