Committing to a Culture of Change – June/July 2022

Scott C. Borowsky

When change touches your operation, whether it is the latest thinking in safety and security or new equipment that will enhance your guests’ experience, are you open to the new and different? As you stay a steady source of leadership for your business, don’t forget to dive in and enjoy the changes that make life and the amusement industry fun and interesting.
In each issue of TAP, we are committed to chronicling the changes that both sweep through the business and seem to be here to stay. We accomplish this mission by talking with your colleagues all over the United States. We interview managers and owners from all types of attractions, including large and small amusement and water parks and zoos. We also offer the best coverage of the entertainment center industry by interviewing officials from bowling, roller skating, miniature golf, go-kart, trampoline park and laser tag centers and others.
In this issue’s Large Park Report, we examine the security measures that are part of the operational fabric at bigger parks. And in the Waves waterpark section, we look at popular splash parks and zero entry pools.
The Entertainment Center Report offers advice on reaching the important demographic of women and kids ages 6-12, and adding laser tag, in two bowling center features. Additionally, the trampoline park feature discusses scheduling, promotions and safety, while the miniature golf and go-kart article offers practical advice on guest traffic flow and customer service. We also illuminate trends in roller skating and virtual reality in separate stories.
In each issue we cover the coin-op industry in our Street Beat section. For June, we offer a story on trends in redemption games and the best new diversions. We also offer an expanded Food Service Spotlight section covering food at a zoo, an aquarium, a museum and at amusement parks.
For this issue’s Amusement Rental/Inflatable News section we discuss tips to upsell and the most popular inflatables.
We also offer a bonus article on Seoul, Korea’s Sesame Street Educational Play Center, a vendor cover story on Sacoa, and several other vendor features and industry news items.
I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me with your comments, questions and suggestions at You can also visit the magazine at and on Facebook and Twitter.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine

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