QubicaAMF Introduces the EDGE Free-Fall Pinspotter

QubicaAMF Worldwide, the largest bowling products company in the world, has announced the introduction of EDGE Free-Fall, its next generation free-fall pinspotter and successor to the venerable XLi EDGE.


“QubicaAMF pinspotting machines have long been the industry’s preferred choice because of their performance, economics, and longevity,” said Performance Equipment Product Manager Jim Krogsund. “EDGE Free-Fall takes this legacy to a whole new level through unique design and technological innovations. The result is a pinspotter delivering an unmatched free-fall bowling experience, unrivaled operational efficiency, and peace of mind.”


EDGE Free-Fall is designed to make pinspotter operations easier. Technicians, both experienced and new to bowling, can learn to operate and service EDGE Free-Fall – giving proprietors more flexibility when it comes to finding staff. EDGE Free-Fall does this through market-driven features such as:


Tech Wizard, an exclusive expert system application for smartphones that makes operation and servicing easier and more efficient through real-time operational alerts and guidance, scheduled maintenance notification and guidance, and an extensive video library resource for technicians;


Cloud-based monitoring that automatically captures performance and intervention data and makes it instantly viewable, so managers have reliable insights on the bowling experience and staff utilization;


XLi software driven technology that eliminates mechanical complexity and simplifies machine operation. Through integration with the BES X and Conqueror X scoring and management systems software is always current;


And transparent guarding that provides visibility to what is happening inside the machine, and peace of mind.


In addition to making operation easier, EDGE Free-Fall utilizes technology that reduces a bowling center’s parts and operating expenses over the long-term through:


SmartCycle® which uses state-of-the-art scoring camera technology to eliminate unnecessary cycling and wear and tear;


Run-On-Demand Intelligence that ensures motors and mechanical systems operate only when balls are being thrown;


The Durabin® Pin Storage System which collects and stores bowling pins until time to be set on the pin deck, reducing pin wear and expense because pins are not continuously cycled through the machine;


And, energy efficient gear motor drive systems.


“With the staffing and operational challenges and competitive landscape many centers face today, options for pinspotting equipment that are easier and less costly to operate are desperately needed.  We were inspired to create EDGE Free-Fall to give centers looking to deliver a free-fall bowling experience a better option,” said Director, Performance Equipment for QubicaAMF, Neil Pennington.


EDGE Free-Fall is the only pinspotter designed assembled in the USA. More information can be found on the company’s website at qubicaamf.com.



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