The 2021 F2FEC GATHERING Is Set for May

The 2021 F2FEC GATHERING is taking place May 4-6, 2021, at the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas. Interested parties are invited to Be In The Room™. 

The simplified and scaled-to-basic format of the GATHERING will be much different than the previous five F2FEC Experiences. There will be fewer speakers, less multimedia, more peer-to-peer engagement; more masterminding, table talks, and group debate. There will be more time for individual assessment and planning. But the organizers’ founding purpose and principles, a deep desire to support the industry through relationships and leadership, will remain the same. 

In the coming weeks, the F2FEC website,, will be updated with all of the GATHERING event details. 

The GATHERING is an F2FEC event, and the organizers are looking forward to bringing the industry together face to face.   
(For more information, contact: Rick Iceberg, 810-444-2222,, Ben Jones, 248-884-1700,, or George Smith, 630-240-8261,

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