How Successful Is Location-Based VR During the Pandemic? Arkadia VR Arena Releases Six-Month Report

Inowize, the developer of the Arkadia VR Arena, has announced the results that the attraction has brought to its operators in 2020, in the form of an activity report.  

The data covers relevant information that the location-based entertainment industry needs to assess, such as the number of players for each Arkadia VR Arena unit, as well as the average revenue for the attraction. 

This is a six-month report, and it covers the data starting with May, when a major part of Inowize’s clients were able to reopen, until October. 

“The results have been quite surprising.  While our arcade is doing about 30% of last year’s revenue, the Arkadia VR arena is doing surprisingly well.  It has even outperformed some of our other attractions! Having no numbers from last year since it is new, it is no telling what it will generate once we have put COVID behind us.  I think the customers seeing the sanitization procedure before playing the games have put them at ease to use the system and the game play has been so exciting that they come back and play it again!” said Dutch Magrath, owner of Sir Goony’s Fun Zone and president of Amusement Products, Inowize’s partner in the United States. 

Although the market was shaken and people weren’t as confident at the beginning of the pandemic that a location-based VR solution would continue to bring a significant ROI, the results are positive, meaning that people still want to come to a family entertainment center and enjoy VR.

“Since the beginning, we’ve done our best to stay close to our clients and help in any way possible. After all the challenges and the pivoting we went through, we’re very excited about the current results we’re seeing. They prove that the decisions made were right and they pave the way for more amazing outcomes in the future!” said Claudia Mihalache, co-founder of Inowize

Currently, Arkadia is present in the United States, the EU, Middle East, and Australia. For the full report and more info:

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