Where the Future Is Fun -Dezerland Park Orlando Announces Iconic Cars and Nonstop Entertainment to All

Dezerland Park Orlando announced it will, in time, be opening Florida’s newest and largest indoor attraction, which will cater to guests of all ages and patrons with a wide range of interests for a full-day of endless entertainment.

Dezerland Park Orlando, located at 5250 International Drive, will offer an array of attractions that will open over a course of several months as the park continues to add and build a plethora of experiences across more than 800,000 square feet in a spacious environment.

For attraction and game enthusiasts, Sebastian Mochkovsky, partner in attractions for the park and CEO of Sacoa, will showcase innovative technology to offer the latest cashless system to bring the ultimate entertainment experience to Dezerland Park offering hundreds of family arcade games, boutique bowling and the longest, dual go karting tracks in Florida suited for children and adults.

Dezerland Park Owner Michael Dezer is known as a real estate developer and car collecting aficionado. He began collecting cars more than 50 years ago and has since established one of the rarest and most-sought after collections of vintage, classic and military vehicles in the world, which guests will be able to see up-close.

“I have spent my life working hard to develop new concepts and ideas to bring to fruition, and I am delighted to share my passion for cars with the world and where better to do so than right here in Orlando, Fla.,” Dezer said. “We are excited to become a vibrant member of the Central Florida Community and appreciate the support from local officials. We are preparing to offer a wonderful experience that will surprise and delight as we bring together entertainment and world-class automobilia under one roof here at Dezerland Park Orlando.”

When Dezerland Park Orlando makes its debut, guests can first experience what will be known as the heart of the park – The Auto Experience. Guests will discover the largest privately-owned collection of automobilia in the world spanning across 250,000 square feet.

In the months following Dezerland Park Orlando’s opening, guests can expect to immerse themselves in a growing lineup of entertainment and dining options including, kid-friendly carnival rides, a custom Pinball Palace game room, awe-dropping virtual and augmented reality kid games, six adventure-seeking escape rooms, a trampoline park, a themed restaurant called the Bond Lounge and more. Dezerland Park will also be home to an array of specialty retailers and shopping experiences.

In addition, the venue will double as the largest and most unique event space, The Event Place. The health and safety of Dezerland Park’s team members, guests and families is a top priority. Once the park is able and ready to open, guests can expect to enjoy a fun-filled day in a safe, clean and spacious environment.

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