SACOA Hires Chris Vecchione

SACOA cashless has announced the hiring of industry veteran Chris Vecchione in the role of new national and international sales market.
Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of SACOA said, “I and the entire SACOA family are thrilled to welcome Chris to our company; his years of coin-op distribution, route operations and familiarity with family fun centers make him a perfect fit for our company. Chris established his own ‘network’ sales company called MVP NETWORK SALES, LLC that has referral salespeople all over the United States as well as internationally. Chris will not only increase our sales presence but also develop a team to cover every state in the country.”

Chris Vecchione

Vecchione said, “I’ve known Sebastian for many years as both an operator and distributor, and have closely followed the growth of SACOA; their current hardware/software system is nothing short of incredible and I look forward to spreading that word nationwide. Sebastian also gave me a confidential peek at what is in the pipeline for late 2020, and it will be game-changing for operators and locations of any size. This role was truly a perfect match for both myself and SACOA.”
(Reach Vecchione by emailing or calling 215-749-0008.)

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