Sacoa at EAG EXPO 2020

At EAG Expo in London, Sacoa Cashless System, with over 1,900 installations in 70 countries around the globe, will be showcasing its latest products at the upcoming show on January 14 to January 16.

The latest Sacoa development includes, among others: Spark reader and the Kiosk K4:

Spark: The revolutionary low-cost, small-footprint, 2.8-inch HD color reader by Sacoa comes with RFiD and NFC reading capability (cards, wristbands, tokens and key fobs) off the box, magnetic card is now optional. It enhances customer experience with its backlight coloring, which can be adjusted to show age-restrictions, promos, tickets awarded, etc.  The device is fully Universal Card Link (UCL) compatible, and it is water and dust resistant in its tap version.

 Kiosk: The kiosk cabinet uses a 32-inch touch-screen for a familiar interface that comes with an intuitive interface, allows buying, reloading, detailed analysis and supports CRM integration. Multiple card purchases in a single transaction are handled and transactions can be paid with cash or credit cards. The software is multilingual, supporting an unrestricted amount of languages. Products sold can be any combination of Credits, Time-Play, and Passports. Optionally a second screen can be attached to use as advertising platform (showing slide shows, animations, videos, etc.)

Since there is a tendency to make online transactions, Sacoa came up with online platforms such as:

Sacoa Mobile App, which allows registered guests to check playcard balance, purchase special offers paying online with credit card, and accumulate reward points.

Party and Event booking (The Online Party Booking features multiple store selection, availability, party packages, food and gifts, online payment, and everything needed to manage party reservations). 

The Sales and Promotions CRM Modules: Sacoa online Customer Registration Management (CRM) module allows the guests to register their demographic information and check their card balances online (either on the web or from their mobile phones), and – when tied with the Online Sales Module, it allows customers to purchase online pre-set amounts of recharge on their cards as well. This module also allows operators to manage their own custom-tailored marketing campaigns through a newsletters mailing engine which may use segments of the database generated according to various criteria, and can be integrated with the operator’s existing mailchimp/sendgrid/etc account for massive mailing.

Visitors to the expo will have the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating products at Sacoa’s booth #736 at this year EAG Expo, or visit the company web site

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