American Changer Announces a New Payment System

American Changer has announced a new payment system that incorporates a Mobile Payment Application (App), RFID Smart Card technology, and Charge and Recharge kiosks.  The system is efficient, cost effective, easy to install, non-networked, and fun to use. It is great for smaller facilities with single or multiple locations, it is flexible and can be implemented almost anywhere. 

American Changer has announced a new payment system.

The company’s RFID Card and App Payment system allows operators to add an additional, streamlined form of payment to their facility without the need to install a complex hard-wired system. The system provides Smart Card technology, Audit/Redemption capabilities, marketing and self-branding options and self-serve kiosks to help increase profitability while alleviating customer wait time. Without using internet connection, this system minimizes downtime and increases customer throughput. It is a flexible, lower cost option for those who wish to automate their operations while continuing to accept current payment form offerings. 

The Charge and Recharge Kiosk’s compact design maximizes valuable space in your business and can be strategically placed throughout facilities. There are multiple kiosk payment configurations to best suite an operators need, such as cash only, credit only, or a cash/credit combo. Utilizing LED touchscreen technologies, operators can upload advertisements to kiosks to promote their brand. Operators can view real time transactions, machine status, and valuable audit information on their smart phone, tablet, or computer through cloud technology. 

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