GestureTek Wins Innovation Award for Product of the Year  at Hotel & Spa Tech Live 2018


At the 2018 Hotel & Spa Live Expo in London, England, GestureTek Systems won the Hotel Technology Innovation Award for Product of the Year for its immersive, gesture-controlled displays for the hotel and hospitality industry. The Innovation Awards seek to celebrate the groundbreaking developments that are making waves at the very forefront of the hotel and hospitality sectors. Each finalist showcased their product or service to a panel of industry giants in front of a live audience. The show organizers said the three-minute pitch session and awards ceremony was an “invaluable opportunity for [our] visitors to take their industry knowledge beyond the present and into the future, and gain that crucial upper hand in an increasingly competitive market.”


“GestureTek is happy to have won a number of awards in the past, but this is our first in the Hotel and Spa sector. To have been chosen by a panel of industry experts is such an honor for the entire GestureTek team and all the pioneering work we have done over the years,” said Vincent John Vincent. 


GestureTek is the inventor, pioneer and industry leader of video gesture control technology. Their interactive gesture-controlled displays project onto any surface; floors, walls, tables, windows or are displayed on LCD’s and video walls. They offer various uses including digital signage, entertainment, education, and immersive experiential environments, to name a few. These highly engaging displays are also proven top attention grabbers for branding, and advertisement in public environments and retail, improving brand recall rates and guest experiences. They have also been used successfully across the sector for children’s activity centers such as Atlantis Kid’s Adventures at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas. 


“For over 25 years at GestureTek, we have been creating digital signage installations and interactive content that take the technology to the next level, truly engaging consumers and visitors. We are very excited about the work we’ve been doing in the hospitality industry and look forward to the possibilities of new and groundbreaking applications in the sector,” said Vincent John Vincent, CEO of GestureTek

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