Ant World from iPlayCO Canada Debuts in Seoul, Korea

Vivaldi Hotel & Resort, Korea, and iPlayCO Canada have teamed together to unveil unique indoor active play centers in Asia. When a Five Star hotel resort chain and a global playground manufacturer met in January 2017, the simple concept of an “Ant” evolved into Ant World. This family entertainment center is themed for children to have fun and explore the life of an ant. 

iPlayCO was able to create a turn-key solution, starting with a concept and numerous sketches to create the characters, develop the brand, make an operations guide, and even create a coloring book specifically for Ant World. From the small details such as a photo op statue and over-sized flowers to the cave-like entrance, each portion of the attraction reflects creative energy and vision.

Models photographed at the entrance to Ant World in Korea. Vivaldi Hotel & Resort, Korea, and iPlayCO Canada teamed together to create the attraction.

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