Vendor News: Funovation News in Words and Pictures

Funovation is involved in several installations both in the United States and internationally. Here is information on Laser Maze Challenge(r) games that were recently installed in Anji, China, Rochester, Minn. and Raleigh, N.C. Guests from far and wide enjoy playing a game that requires strategic thinking and a can-do attitude. 

The July grand opening of Air Insanity in Rochester, Minn., featured a Laser Maze Challenge® along with plenty of places to jump. With a U-shaped maze and 10-foot ceilings, players might question if they’ve stepped into a video game. Players can keep their brains engaged and their ninja skills sharpened and they might find their names on the leaderboard at this location.

Visits to the Glowhouse Sports Raleigh family fun center were treated to swag from the just-released film, Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation last summer. Walking away with movie posters, free movie tickets, and water bottles, many players put their spy skills to the test in the Laser Maze Challenge® on site!

Nestled in the Chinese province of Anji, Hello Kitty World installed their first Laser Maze Challenge® in July of this year in Curiosity Corner. Featuring an L-shaped layout and 16 separate lasers, players will need to use their thinking caps to get on the leaderboard of this attraction.

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