The Future of Electric Go-Karts Is Here

By Dutch Magrath


Are you getting the most out of your electric track?


As electric go karts have increased in popularity, some skepticism still surrounds the concept of electric go-karts versus gasoline-powered go-karts. This is due in part to the fact that electric karts are a technology-driven attraction, and the technology available for electric karts far surpasses any functionality that can be achieved with gas karts.


In the on-going and much documented comparisons of electric karts to gas karts, electric karts are gaining ground, and with good reasons – less maintenance, reduced labor costs, improved track control and environmental friendliness to name a few. However, customer satisfaction due to a superior racing experience should not be overlooked as a key factor in determining whether to switch from a gas to electric track operation, or starting out with electric karts as a first-time owner/operator. Electric karts are a bigger topic of discussion than ever, and they are here to stay.


It isn’t all about the kart. The operating system for the electric karts can determine how successful an electric track will be. The right electric operating system will provide built-in functionality and enhancements for the karts that will make every race an immersive experience for your customers. Faster from the starting line, increased power through turns and up hills, on-board accelerator-sensitive race car engine sounds, and on-board track announcements throughout the race are just a few of the features of a Thundervolt electric operating system that contribute significantly to our customer’s satisfaction. For our operators and attendants, advantages include features that have reduced labor costs, minimized maintenance, and has resulted in overall improvement of track management and safety issues. Following are a few ways to get the most out of the Amusement Products LLC Thundervolt electric operating system:


Running Rookie Speed Races (8 to 10 MPH)


With the Thundervolt Lightning electric go-kart’s adjustable seat and four operating speeds, the Rookie Speed can be run on the same track as the adult Race Speed. With the touch of a button, the karts that went 20 mph on the last race are going 8 mph on the next race. This allows seven to 12-year olds to ride safely on the same track in the same karts as big brother did. This ability to run different ages safely on the same karts, same track, and same space using the same staff can dramatically increase revenue and customer satisfaction, as well as eliminate the need for a separate fleet of karts for younger drivers.


Maximize Rides Per Hour


When run at a maximum of 22 mph, the Thundervolt electric tracks can run one kart for every 30 feet of track. Running less than half your fleet per race has diminishing returns. If a 450-foot track can run 15 karts at one time, why run six when you have 24 karts?


With the functions of the Thundervolt electric operating system, one or two track attendants can run several karts with little effort. Since the Thundervolt system has the karts leave the pit at 2 mph, the karts are spaced out around your track when you have them leave the pit one lane at a time. The result of the spacing spreads the karts out so they are not bunched up and therefore less likely to make a mistake causing a spin out. It will be a better ride for your customers and a more profitable attraction for you. If you run 12 karts per race (half of the 24 fleet), you will double your throughput per hour and half the waiting time each rider waits for a ride, resulting in a better experience for your guests and more revenue per hour for your facility.



Use the Turbo Boost!


Only the Thundervolt system has the Turbo Boost function. For 15 seconds, the racer can get a burst of speed at the push of a button to easily pass their competition. With a limited number of boosts per ride, they must strategically use them to have the last pass at the end of the race, just like real racers. An operator can preset the number of boosts and amount of boost per race in less than five minutes. Properly market and utilize this feature and watch the excitement of your racers.


Use Your Multi-Speed Advantage


The Thundervolt operating system has four potential operating speeds. Beyond the marketing and operational diversification that running all four speeds create, there are safety reasons to have multiple speeds pre-programmed for each speed option. If you have the system set up for Rookie, Novice, and Race speeds, you can slow all karts down instantly when multiple racers are out of control. This slows down all racers to a safer speed instantly. So, for both revenue and safety, keep the four race speed options spread widely. 


You have a great operating and marketing advantage with the Thundervolt Go Karts. Use these tips to help maximize your profits through repeat business.

(Dutch Magrath is President of Amusement Products, LLC and Amusement Construction Co., Inc.) 

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