An Exciting Evolution
Trends in Trampoline Parks

An AirTime Trampoline & Game Park costumed character. High-energy music and disc jockeys are part of the fun at the parks.

It’s no secret that indoor trampoline and adrenaline parks have become a global contender in the family entertainment industry. First-generation indoor trampoline parks included a basic layout of interlocking trampolines in a warehouse or big box space where families could bring their kids for a couple of hours to bounce, flip, and ‘catch some air.’

The trampoline and adrenaline center model of today has rapidly evolved to resemble more of a family entertainment center (FEC) model, according to experts and park owners. Party rooms, full service cafés, and an array of attractions including climbing walls, ninja courses, ropes courses, zip lines, giant slides, and soft play for younger children are included in the design of trampoline and adrenaline entertainment facilities. More parks are also incorporating traditional FEC attractions like kiddie rides, game zones, and laser tag. While the open jump court seen in first-generation trampoline parks is being incorporated into facilities today, this attraction has been reduced in size to make room for dodgeball courts, gladiator and multi-attraction pits, walking walls, slam dunk basketball, and, most recently cloud coasters, allowing park attendees the ability to create a unique adventure with every visit.

A rendering of Rockin’ Jump in Buford, Ga. The company’s owner said to keep up with consumer demand, his center will include a variety of activities.

So, why have trampoline and adrenaline parks evolved to an FEC model? Husein Khimani, the owner of Rockin’ Jump in Buford, Ga., said that the upsurge in trampoline and adrenaline parks has created a highly competitive industry that requires innovative ideas to keep up with consumer demand. For that reason, Khimani included a variety of attractions like dodge ball courts, basketball slam dunk areas, a modular ninja course, a main jump area, extreme jump, soft play area, a rock climbing tower, and full-service café in the design of his park. Ensuring that the Buford park is always on the cutting edge, Khimani constructed his building with extra high ceilings that will enable the park to add new elements and chose top tier vendors, including Best American Trampolines, for the design, manufacturing, and installation of his park. Khimani stated in a recent interview, “Best American really saw my vision and hit the nail on the head with what I was looking for with this park.”

Jennifer Morrow, AirTime Trampoline & Game Park’s vice president of operations. Open jump areas and dodgeball courts are guest favorites.

Rockin’ Jump Buford also put a special focus on parents and has promised that the park café will include menu items that appeal to adults and children alike. Additional focus was placed on ensuring that the park had an upscale feel with upgrades like quartz counter tops and nice flooring in the party rooms, more than 20 televisions that will broadcast sporting events and the news, as well as a quiet area upstairs that will allow parents to meet with friends, charge their electronic devices, and even work on their laptop or tablet. “Parents were a big part of my vision” Khimani stated, “I didn’t want parents to choose between their kids playing at the park and watching the game on TV.”

Sam Lundy, AirTime’s Chief Operating Officer, said the company puts the emphasis on family fun and fitness.

Innovative trampoline and adrenaline parks, like AirTime Trampoline & Game Park’s many locations, include high-energy music and disc jockeys that keep the parks upbeat and exciting. Sam Lundy, AirTime’s Chief Operating Officer, commented that a variety of ages attend and participate at their park, “Our customer base is so wide because we cater to all by emphasizing our focus on family fun and fitness. We attract a large demographic.” He went on to say, “Our open jump and dodgeball courts seem to be our guests’ favorites.” Lundy concludes that these elements are popular because everyone can enjoy these attractions together, regardless of age. AirTime offers park goers a variety of attractions that keep families active together. Their parks include open jump areas, basketball slam dunk, dodgeball courts, multi-attraction foam pits and air bags, ninja warrior courses, and climbing elements. They also cater to birthday parties, corporate dodgeball outings, field trips, and charity organizations. Lundy stated, “You will see AirTime out in the surrounding public often, as we feel it is very important to give back and participate within the community.” AirTime gives back to the community by hosting fundraisers, supporting school assembly programs, and through donations. There are currently five AirTime parks throughout Michigan and one park in Ann Arbor under construction, but AirTime doesn’t plan to stop there. A recent news release announced that the entertainment center is now offering franchise opportunities throughout the United States and abroad. Ensuring that each park caters to all ages is a top priority when it comes to choosing the attractions that will be included in trampoline and adrenaline entertainment centers. After all, the goal of these facilities is to provide a place where the entire family can be active and have fun together.

A rendering of a jumping space and a rock climbing wall at Rockin’ Jump. There will be a special focus on parents’ food preferences at the park’s cafe.

Zava Zone Indoor Adventure park boasts that they cater to ages 5 – 105 with the goal of keeping everyone moving. Zava Zone’s tag line “fun in motion” is a serious concept for the 30,000-square foot adventure park. Their facility includes everything from trampoline courts and giant slides to ropes courses that tower over the park below and battle beams where park attendees compete over air bags. Zava Zone Co-founder and park Co-owner, Josh Oboler, stated, “When we design the parks we keep in mind that we want to appeal to a large demographic. We keep the music at a low level and have activities for everyone, not just 12-year-old boys.” They also welcome parents and grandparents to participate in the adventure or relax in the “parent zone” with couches, Wi-fi, and televisions displaying sports and news. The indoor adrenaline park is located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and has plans to expand up and down the east coast through a combination of corporate locations and franchise opportunities. Zava Zone’s second park in Sterling, Virginia is scheduled to open October 2017. Joe Henry, co-founder and park co-owner, said that at the second park opening they will be more prepared for crowds, “There was almost a title wave of people waiting to come in on the first day of our Rockville, Md., opening!” He also mentioned that the second park will have two additional party rooms, six in total, and that he wishes he had eight, “I just don’t think there can ever be enough!”

Zava Zone Owners and Co-founders Josh Oboler and Joe Henry. Zava Zone’s tag line is “fun in motion.”

It’s easy to see why trampoline and adrenaline parks are dominating the family entertainment center industry. These facilities allow families to enjoy time together in one location where everyone can build a unique and heathy adventure. Parents get the opportunity to relax or go out and enjoy the park with their children. It can be family time where everyone is entertained or a place for parents to meet and enjoy friends while their children have fun. Regardless, trampoline and adrenaline parks are a truly inspiring concept that are expected to evolve and grow each year. It will be intriguing to see what these parks come up with next.

A rendering of Rockin’ Jump Buford, where there will be an upscale feel.

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