Party Center Software’s Parent Company Celebrates 17 Years

On June 17th, Party Center Software’s parent company – Agile Software and Marketing – celebrated its 17th anniversary. Company President Scott Drummond founded Agile Software and Marketing in 1998, and a lot has changed over the years.

Drummond has always been an entrepreneur, and Agile Software and Marketing began as a way to build websites for local companies. But before long, he was eager to start purchasing other businesses. One of those businesses was a small but growing indoor children’s entertainment center. He enjoyed running the entertainment center, but soon found that he needed a software solution to manage the business. When he couldn’t find any reasonable solutions, he used his entrepreneurial spirit to hire a developer and build his own.

Drummond soon realized there was a huge need from other entertainment operators for a solution like the one he developed. He began talking with other entertainment operators that he knew and decided to brand his software as Party Center Software – a party booking and facility management solution. He signed his first customer, and soon many more followed.

Party Center Software hit new milestones in the years to follow – new offices, international clients and more staff members. Today the company has hundreds of customers around the world with employees working in three different states. The company began with the goal of serving indoor play centers, and now serves every kind of entertainment facility from bowling centers to water parks.

The company adds more customers each month, and the new revenue allows Drummond to invest more heavily into hiring staff to develop new features. “We are poised for another great year of growth with a good jump in staffing,” he said. “We started renovating additional offices in our company headquarters to accommodate the new team members.”

The entire Party Center Software team is looking forward to continued growth for the company, and they are excited to help more entertainment operators run successful businesses.

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