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Frostline® Frozen Treats Introduces its Brand New Look and Fresh New Merchandising

Frostline® Frozen Treats recently updated the brand’s look for its family of frozen treat dry mix products.  This includes a new brand identity and fresh innovative packaging.  With 40 years of history in food service, operators can continue to depend on the Frostline brand to communicate excellent quality, consistency and flavor. Operators can continue offering patrons the guilt-free treats they have come to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of dairy alternatives.  The only change is the new look, new packaging and a renewed commitment to flavor and product innovation.

“We are excited to bring a new look to this line of popular frozen treats,” said Jamie Schwartz, marketing manager, Kent Precision Foods Group.  “The brand’s new look communicates freshness and accentuates the high quality and profitability of this line of products.  We are committed to continuing our innovation of the frozen treat line to bring operators profitable solutions for their business.”

The fresh new look of Frostline Frozen Treats include all of the following products:

Frostline Soft Serve is a lactose, gluten and cholesterol free dry mix product that is also low fat.  This shelf-stable soft serve product simply mixes with tap water and is available in popular chocolate and vanilla flavors.  The product line also includes an array of 17 flavor packets to add variety including classic favorites such as Banana Split and on-trend possibilities like Dulce de Leche.

Frostline Frozen Yogurt is a fat free dry-mix product available in vanilla and chocolate flavors.  This product delivers a rich, creamy mouth feel with appealing flavor.  Flavor packets are also available to add variety to this line of products.

Frostline Frozen Beverages includes Frostline Simply Smoothies™, Frostline Vanilla Shake Mix and Frostline Iced Cappuccino.  Frozen beverages have become increasingly more popular snacks, which has proven highly profitable for operators.  According to Technomic, 48 percent of consumers confess to snacking at least twice each day.

Frostline Flavor Packets are available in an assortment of 17 flavors to add variety to Frostline Soft Serve, Frozen Yogurt and Frozen Beverages.  Recipes are available for Frostline Soft Serve products utilizing the assorted flavors.

As always, complimentary mixing buckets, whisks and merchandising including posters, nutrition cards, flavor strips and ceiling danglers are available by contacting Kent Precision Foods Group directly at 800-442-5242.  See the brand new look of these popular treats at, or follow the brand on social media at and  Operators will also find recipes, ongoing marketing support and business building promotions and materials.

Frostline® Soft Serve, Frostline® Frozen Beverages and Frostline® Flavor Packets are part of the Kent Precision Foods Group family of brands.  Kent Precision Foods Group is a dry-blending and packaging food company specializing in providing finished products for customers in the foodservice, industrial and consumer products businesses.  Customized products produced vary widely and include salad dressing mixes, frozen desserts, seasoning blends, stuffing mixes, seasoned rice and sauces.

Twin City Lanes Adds Creative Works’ Terraform Laser Tag

Twin City Lanes & Games in Berlin, Vermont, has received the first-ever Terraform Battle Quest Laser Tag arena designed by Creative Works to complement their bowling and arcade areas.  The multi-level arena is over 3,700 square feet and themed out with amazing 3D florescent murals and industrial props.  This theme is based on a storyline set centuries into the future.  Earth is sending a reconnaissance team to investigate the dangerous mystery of planet Terraform.  Players are transported onto this industrial planet, where they must complete their mission to save this land, which was once lush and beautiful.  Players put on Zone laser tag equipment to protect from the dangerous desert planet and to succeed in this challenging mission.

Brightly colored steel walls with foreign symbols create a maze for the team.  Strange glowing barrels and huge rusted pipes stretch throughout the arena.  It’s not long before the expedition finds the heart of the planet’s power grid and a huge 14-foot machine glowing with stolen energy.  Terraform has been slowly stripped of its capacity for decades, but who is behind this crime?  It’s up to each new player to find the real culprit of Terraform’s destruction.

Twin City Lanes is one of the many bowling centers that has modernized by adding a laser tag arena to better utilize square footage.  “We are extremely pleased and happy,” said Randy Longe, owner of Twin City Lanes & Games.  “The arena is fantastic, and we are glad to be getting the best of the best.”  By adding a laser tag arena, a facility can attract new customers and reward loyal customers for their patronage.  “New attractions keep guests coming back for more.  We suggest revamping an attraction or game area at least every two years,” said Jeff Schilling, president of Creative Works.  Re-investment into a facility can also improve company morale.  Employees want to take pride in what they do, and when employees see modernization they can be confident they are offering a quality product to guests.

Twin City Lanes & Games has received multiple new additions to its facility.  A new restaurant is now available for meals and snacks in between play, as well as a game arcade for exciting and interactive fun.  The bowling and family entertainment center now has enhanced cosmic lights and seating in the bowling area for amazing Cosmic Bowling and improved its concourse to complete the total “WOW Effect.”

(For more information, visit or call 877-843-6348.)

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Best Practices for Keeping Food Service Operations Running Smoothly (Part I)

Food service can be a boon for any type of leisure entertainment facility. But unless restaurants and concessions are properly run, food service can also be an enormous of source of headaches. That’s why implementing strategies for improving food service operations, and keeping things in top shape, is a good idea.

Ensuring that the right quantity of ingredients and assortment of items is on hand to meet customer demand remains paramount to any top-notch operation, noted a spokesperson for Gold Medal Products. While some operators don’t think to ask for it, most vendors will provide input on this front, as well as give advice pertaining to which items operators might incorporate into their food service menus and how to price them not only for maximum profitability, but for appeal. Gold Medal has made this a regular practice, and Quik n’Crispy gives its customers feedback on designing menus whose offerings transcend such traditional fried fare as chicken strips. Vendors have also begun to share this type of information on their websites. For example, Gold Medal’s site includes an explanation of how to price and promote caramel corn.

Bill Froberg, owner of Kelley’s Bowl in St. Joseph, Minn., said his supplier has given him many suggestions about buying quantities and ingredients over the years; these “are always valuable.

Tracking sales patterns comes into play here as well; it prevents shortages (and overages) and prevents such hassles as keeping customers waiting for long periods for new batches of food to be ready. When management of the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Md., determined via tracking (and guest feedback) that time-consuming items like sandwiches made to order were not a good fit for the venue, the bill of fare at its Traxside Snacks café was adjusted to include simpler, pre-made turkey and tuna sandwiches and the like. Specials of the day are equally simple and of the make-ahead variety, wraps are a favorite.

Some vendors produce software that allows operators to determine the quantities of ingredients needed on a particular day, and even, how many of any given menu item were in demand on an hour-to-hour basis. The former are calculated using sales statistics from the same day the previous year or from days with a comparable weather and attendance pattern. DelGrossos Amusement Park in Tipton, Pa., has been using point-of-sale software with this capability for the past two years and is seeing a far closer match between ingredients kept on hand and items available to guests, and the demand for these items and ingredients. “Armed with current information, we are able to better forecast sales and maintain appropriate stock levels,” said Todd Walters, IT manager.

Sophia Zulli, director of food and beverage operations at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pa., is equally bullish on tracking information as a means of ensuring hassle-free foodservice operations. Keeping enough of the most popular food items, particularly sweet treats and anything prepared with chocolate, is a tough proposition during the high season, in the park and waterpark alike. In line with the thinking that concessions nearest the busiest rides will generate the highest volume of business, she keeps tabs on the most heavily trafficked rides within each component, and allocates ingredients based on these patterns.

(See the February 24 Tourist Attractions & Parks eNewsletter for Part II.)

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