Spotlight on Interactive Dark Rides
A Conversation with Triotech

Triotech is a company with promising products that have universal appeal. In a conversation with Tourist Attractions and Parks, Triotech’s President and CEO Ernest Yale and its Vice President of Business Development and Sales Gabi Salabi touched on a few of the new projects and innovations from the company.

Yale said the product that has the most promise right now is a track-based interactive dark ride. Instead of physical props, there is 3D projection viewed with 3D glasses, and the players in the cars interact with a screen.

Yale’s vision for Triotech is multi-faceted, but he said a goal for the company is to give regional attractions the ability to deliver experiences that major parks have on a scale and budget that makes sense for these smaller parks. In other words, the company offers “world class” attractions scaled down to fit into a regional park.

Unique attractions are a hallmark for the company. For example, Salabi said the Hello Kitty interactive dark ride for Canada’s Wonderland features a 200-meter continuous seamless screen that will offer an experience that is different depending on where the guest is seated.

Additionally, Yale said the competition aspect of these attractions is new to the interactive dark ride experience. “You are part of an adventure,” he said, adding that players get a detailed score from a graphic that features the player’s photo and exactly what he or she has achieved. There are also hidden details and bonuses in the adventure, and Yale said the ride has repeat-ride value and content that can be changed with the seasons.

The content also is unique, and Salabi said the company is “always designing attractions with universal appeal” age-wise with content that can be enjoyed by ages 5 or 6 up to 60 or 70.

Yale said the technology for the interactive component was three years in development and that the company took video game technology and brought it to large screens and mixed it with interactive lasers. The lasers can interact with the screen and with the company’s technology, and 100 guests can interact with the screen at the same time. The technology, pushed to the limit and mixed with the movement of the vehicle, makes for a truly unique experience.

“We are just starting with this technology,” Yale said, adding that the company can retrofit existing dark rides that were installed 10 years ago, for example, using the same vehicles. Locations can upgrade with the interactive screen and re-brand the whole attraction for a relatively low cost, he said, and owners can change the content so local and regional parks can offer something very new every few seasons for a reasonable budget.

“We see a big trend in how the interactive dark ride delivers for parks,” Salabi said. Parks seeking to entertain families can benefit from dark rides, he said, especially locations previously defined by roller coasters and thrill rides. –

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