Intercard Receives SOSO Certification


Intercard is the first and only payment solution provider to receive the Saudi Arabia Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization or SASO certification. The company has been working in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) since 1999 and now has over 300 locations there.

SASO is a certificate required for each consignment, or a specific batch, of certain imported goods to clear customs. The SASO certifies that the product has been successfully tested and inspected to meet the country’s quality and safety standards. The SASO certificate acts as a passport for the goods to clear customs.

In August 2020 Intercard completed the annual audit SASO Assessment which was conducted by SGS Certification Provider. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. The scope of the audit was to review magnetic card readers for games, validate available documented processes and identify improvement opportunities. “The audit assessment was successful and Intercard had zero nonconformities” stated Vadim Pambuk Intercard’s Global Project Manager of Application Development who implemented the audit with SGS. Pambuk also added, “To be a true global player you must live up to international standards and Intercard takes this seriously. Intercard will continue to work hard toward improvement initiatives to meet customer’s expectations and deliver the best services and products to KSA and all of its customers around the world.”

Global Project Manager of Application Development Vadim Pambuk, of Intercard, holding an SASO Certificate.

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