President and Executive Editor

Scott C. Borowsky • 610-645-6940 ext: 0 • Fax: 610-645-6943

Managing Editor

Caroline A. Risi • 610-645-6948 • Fax: 610-645-6943


Karen Appold, June Allan Corrigan, Hilary Danailova, Genie Davis, Chad Emerson, Sarah Hodon, Vicki Hogue, Natalie Hope McDonald and Frank Seninsky

Associate Publisher

Larry White
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Associate Manager of Sales/Editorial

Joseph W. Mellek III
610-645-6952 • Fax: 610-645-6943

National Account/Product and Editorial Executive

Kitty B. White
610-645-6946 • Fax: 610-645-6943


Joseph W. Mellek
610-645-6944 • Fax: 610-645-6943


Maria J. Lenker


Circulation/Editorial Assistant

Susan Mease
610-645-6940 • Fax: 610-645-6943


Debby Clarke


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