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November 2020

The Large Park ReportA Focus on Promotions and Marketing – How Large Parks Are Strategizing for the TimesIn this issue’s Large Park Report, Contributor Chad Emerson examines several promotional and marketing strategies...

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June/July 2020

The Large Park ReportConnecting the Food to the Fun – Theming Innovations at Large ParksIn this issue, The Large Park Report shares an exclusive interview with two of the Disney creative culinary minds who worked on...

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February/March 2019

The Large Park Report A Ticket to Profitability: Large Park Ticketing Strategies Large Park Contributing Writer Chad Emerson examines ticketing programs in this article. Waves Extreme Rides, Lazy Rivers and Spray Parks –...

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January 2019

The Large Park Report   Where Festive Fun Is a Perfect Fit – Festivals at Theme Parks  In this issue’s Large Park Report, Contributing Writer Chad Emerson focuses on several of the most anticipated new and...

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November 2018

The Large Park Report   Big Plans for a New Year – 2019: The Large Park Preview  Many of the industry’s large parks and resorts are debuting major new attractions in 2019. Waves  Why It’s Fun Is Crystal...

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