The F2FEC Organizers Announce the Return of the Event in 2021 With RISE

On hiatus since the 2019 event, the F2FEC organizers are planning a renewed, and different trade experience in early March 2021 with RISE as the theme.

Since the inception of F2FEC there has been a very deliberate and strategic selection of themes for the conference experience.  The choice of RISE for 2021 is no exception. RISE was already determined in 2019, but the world has changed and what is different today is the context for Rise. What was then is no longer now: “What we envisioned in 2019 is less important; now is the focus, the future is the focus; the world, the nation, our industry faces huge challenges with the physical and cultural shifts brought upon us by COVID-19, and RISE we must,” the organizers said in a statement.

The 2021 RISE trade event will focus completely on guiding the industry through Reset, Rebuild, and Reach.  To RISE is about living, leading and succeeding.

The organizers, Rick Iceberg, CJ Barrymore’s, George Smith, Family Entertainment Group, and Ben Jones, started F2FEC with a vision to bring together an industry by changing how leaders gathered, how information is shared, and how relationships are formed.  Face 2 Face encouraged community over individualism and togetherness over autonomy and, with these founding principles, the F2 conference experience helped all those who attended develop new resources, expand networks, and enrich relationships. The organizers are bringing the industry together again because we are all stewards of the out-of-home entertainment and leisure industry.  RISE is what responsibility and leadership are all about. RISE is what we must do. RISE. Reset. Rebuild. Reach.™ 

F2FEC, Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference is a North American trade experience planned and philanthropically produced by Iceberg, Jones and Smith for thought leaders of the out-of-home, entertainment industry. Attendees include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, media and facility owners from traditional Family Entertainment Centers, bowling centers, cinema, trampoline parks, roller skating, laser, food-forward eateries, specialty and hybrid entertainment concepts.

Change is inevitable and the organizers will remain flexible for planning and producing RISE as the next several months are weighted with uncertainty.  Details and information will be posted on the F2FEC Facebook page and at: Be In The Room© and RISE to Reset, Rebuild and Reach.

(For more information, contact Rick Iceberg, CJ Barrymore’s:, 810-444-2222, Ben Jones,, 248-884-1700, or George Smith, Family Entertainment Group:, 630-240-8261.)         

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