The COVID-19 Crisis: AMOA and AAMA Seeks to Obtain Information to Assist Its Members

The COVID-19 crisis is rightfully dominating the news cycle, and was discussed at March’s Amusement Expo in New Orleans, La., which was attended by Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine. AMOA and AAMA released this statement on March 17, 2020 regarding the pandemic:

The steps being taken by governments, local and federal, to combat this virus are unprecedented and have never been witnessed in any of our lifetimes.

The leadership at AMOA and AAMA want you, our members, to know we are in ongoing communication with our Washington-based lobbyist, Dentons, compiling the latest information on programs the federal government will put in place to assist small businesses like yours.  

Expect information to be shared with you in the coming days.  

In the meantime, we strongly urge you to make sure the information you’re consuming related to COVID-19 comes from reliable sources, which should include the Center for Disease Control, (CDC).   Click here to find the latest information directly from the CDC on this outbreak, and the steps you can take to help limit the extent and duration of this pandemic. 

As more information related to federal aid programs becomes available, we’ll be making it available to all our members.

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