By Scott C. Borowsky and Frank Seninsky

Bowl Expo 2019 – Best Bowl Expo in a Decade
The Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) drew more than 2,000 enthusiastic proprietors and their staff to Las Vegas (June 24-27). BPAA continues to market bowling as a brand and to help their members operate successful long-term bowling-anchored facilities. Their ‘Smart Buy’ discount programs are the best in the OOH leisure entertainment industry.
The main focus of Bowl Expo was education and the 16 Tuesday seminars were packed. Frank’s favorite presentation was put on by hospitality industry expert Bob Pacanovsky ( and titled “Converting the ‘Big Four’ Customer Experience.” Key take-aways:
• Create an impression that lasts to attract and retain more customers and employees;
• Replace the “just good enough” mindset with a company culture that builds trust and loyalty among employees;
• 51% of employees are ‘disengaged’ from their job;
• 33% of employees are ‘actively disengaged’ from their job;
• The number one reason people leave their job is lack of appreciation;
• You must appreciate your employees in public and hold them accountable in private. Customer service that is just fine doesn’t cut it;
• We are really in the people business as our industry is all about repeat customers;
• Must anticipate the needs of your customers and be proactive about it;
• “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Photographed at Bowl Expo 2019 were Tourist Attractions & Parks President and Executive Editor Scott C. Borowsky with Marsha Long of Flagship Carpets and her brother Johnny “Joey” Jones. Jones, a decorated veteran, gave an inspiring talk at the event.

The 2nd Quarter 2019 was again good for business. The country is experiencing the lowest unemployment in 50 years with urban areas certainly helped by that. The month of June saw 224,000 new jobs, and there is now 105 straight months of job gains. United States household spending and incomes rose in May. The S&P broke 3000, and the Fed rate was cut by 1/2 %. Note that the market surged 2.1% (DOW up 500 points June 4) after the Fed announced a possible rate cut to prolong the U.S. economy’s 10-year expansion.
Bottom line, FECs that do not have a lot of competition are doing great. Those that are in saturated markets, not so much. They will have to outlast the competition with success strategies such as reading TAP (and other trade magazines), going to the trade shows, and, especially, attending the seminars.

Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) – Staff Sgt. (Retired) Johnny “Joey” Jones – “Overcoming Adversity and Finding Strength in Yourself and Community”
Veteran Johnny “Joey” Jones gave an inspiring talk about how he turned tragedy into triumph and changed his life to help others after losing both of his legs above the knee from an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2010. Sgt. Jones spoke about his difficult recovery and the help he received from others.
Jones is the recipient of the Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, Combat Action Ribbons and has been a dinner guest of President Barack Obama in 2014 and later with former President George Bush.

Here is a listing of new games to watch that were shown at AEI & Bowl Expo 2019:

• Basketball Pro 2 Pl (Andamiro);
• Redzone 4 Pl (Namco);
• Centipede Chaos 3 Pl (ICE);
• Spin’s Ahoy! 3 Pl (Team Play);
• Dicey Jump (TouchMagix);
• Cyclotron 3 Pl (Family Fun);
• Hoop It Up (ICE);
• Power Roll (Sega) – TRR will be testing;
• Treasure Dome (UNIS);
• Zombie Land (Coastal);
• And, World’s Fastest Drummer (Unit-e). 