LASERTRON Completes Work at Pinballz in Austin, Texas

LASERTRON has installed an LT-12.5 game system and 100% LED interactive and programmable arena at Pinballz in Austin, Texas. With over 100,000 square feet of fun, Pinballz Lake Creek truly has to be seen to be believed. With hundreds of games, including classic pinballs and video games, modern games, midway/redemption games, go karts, state-of-the-art LASERTRON laser tag, two huge bars, a restaurant, and 12 private event spaces, Pinballz Lake Creek takes out-of-home entertainment to an entirely new level. 

Pinballz operates three locations in Texas. Owner Darren Spohn made the decision to work with the LASERTRON team because of their unique 100% LED Interactive and Programmable Arenas. 

A 6,400-square-foot LED Arena was designed for the Austin, Texas, space and included 32 new LT-12.5 PRO Vests. The LED Arena included 10 Enhanced RGB LED Target Medallions, seven Giant RGB LED Sectors with TV and Speakers included in each, 224 Linear Feet of LED Wall Lighting Effects, two Giant LED Recharge Stations and LED Illuminated Vesting Racks. 

Prior to opening Spohn also sent one of his managers, Mia Welker, to a LASERTRON Operators’ Conference where a wealth of information was shared on operations, management, marketing, and more. 

“We chose Lasertron because their arena and game modes take laser tag to a whole new level,” Spohn said. “Not only is our 6,000-square-foot laser tag arena at Pinballz Lake Creek the largest in North Austin, but it also provides up to 32 players with a variety of game modes including games such as Headquarters, Domination, and King of the Hill, plus a plethora of phaser power-ups, and a fully interactive and programmable LED illuminated arena. These features combine to provide a completely different interactive experience than older style black light arenas that play very basic games like free-for-all.” 

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