Zone Introduces Magnetic Charging has introduced a new form of charging for laser tag equipment – magnetic charging.

With magnetic charging, having to utilize ports that can be damaged or fearing someone could break a cable by taking a vest off a charging rack are a thing of the past.

Zone laser tag is the first in the industry to incorporate magnetic charging to the laser tag landscape. More reliable then inductive charging, the company’s Mag-zone charging system gives each vest a solid point-to-point connection with the charging system insuring consistent safe and reliable charging of a location’s laser tag equipment.

This innovative design allows the cable to break free when it encounters strain so it’s yank-safe and snag-free with no harm caused to the vest or the charging system, and with the strong magnetic system, the Mag-Zone Charging Cable automatically connects when in close proximity to its vest, allowing users to click it and forget it.

The technology is already in use at Q-zar Toledo in Ohio. 

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