September/October 2018

The Large Park Report  
Fun for Infinity and Beyond – Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World 
The story behind Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World.

Bonus Exhibit Design Report
Trends in Design at Zoos and Aquariums
A examination of the latest thinking in animal enclosure design.

Bonus Sidebar: How Do You House Big Cats? 

Bonus Sidebar: Differing Thoughts on Animal Enclusures

Steps to Put Safety First – How Waterparks Strive to Keep Guests from Harm 
This article provides a look at waterpark safety.

Bonus Sidebar: Ride Safety Training Procedures for Employees 

Bonus Sidebar: How Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Are Part of the Safety Toolbox

Trends on the Slides Inside – What is New and Noteworthy at Indoor Waterparks 
A look at how three indoor waterparks in the United States and Canada have maintained, renovated or improved their facilities in recent months. 

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top Indoor Waterpark Safety Tips? 

The Buzz Boyz 
Trends Report: The Good and the Bad
This article contains a look at some of the trends, both good and bad, that Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky have witnessed over the summer. 

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
Staying in the Lane Toward Profits – Tips for Running an Organized Bowling Center
For this article, bowling center staff and owners nationwide offered their tips for keeping their centers well-organized and successful.

Bonus Sidebar: Computer Problems – Handling Big Freezes and Little Glitches 

Entertainment Center Report · Spotlight on Laser Tag Equipment 
KingPins Beaverton in Oregon: A Look at the New Location  
The story of KingPins Beaverton in Portland, Ore., which opened this past June.

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag
Secrets to New Employee Training – How Laser Tag Venues Ready Hires 
Trends in employee training from four laser tag facilities.

Bonus Sidebar: Training 101

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks 
Trends in Adding New Equipment and Attractions at Trampoline Parks
A look at trends and safety at a selection of trampoline parks around the country. 

Bonus Sidebar: Safety and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Trampoline Parks

Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Tips to Draw More Adults, and to Entertain the Kids, Too
Trends in entertaining adults and children at mini-golf and go-kart centers. 

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating
The Basics of Roller-Skating – Creating Expert Life-Long Skaters 
Perspectives on sparking interest in skating and keeping customers rounding the rink. 

Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Ensure a Proper Rental Skate Fit?

Management Spotlight
Hiring Younger Workers
A look at working with teens. 

AAMA Report 
What Are the Current Trends in Coin-Op Games?
For this article, four industry members on different sides of the country reported on coin-op games.

Bonus sidebar: What Is Your Best-Earning Redemption Game? 

Retail Report  
Making Merchandise Part of the Fun – Increasing Retail Sales at Attractions  
Five attraction retailers discuss merchandise sales. 

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top Tip To Create A Welcoming Environment In Your Store? 

Street Beat  
Setting the Bar High for Fun – Most Popular Coin-Op Games at Boutique Arcade Bars 
Arcade bars blend the best of both worlds—gaming and imbibing.

Food Service Spotlight 
Trends for the Times – Food Service at Museums and Waterparks 
This article contains information about some of the top food trends at a selection of museums and waterparks for 2018.

Bonus Sidebar: Weighing in on Plastic Straws 

Haunted Attractions
Getting in Touch with Terror – Trends in Haunt Experiences
This article discusses how haunts create a truly scary experience and current trends in the industry.

Bonus Sidebar: A Flash of Fright – Still Interactive but Not Quite as Terrifying

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